Nimona is the tale of a young girl with shape shifting powers who works as an assistant to the villainous (though not so much) Ballister Blackheart. Blackheart is fighting the powers that be along with their golden-haired top Knight Goldenloin (love the name) whom he has a bit of a history with- which includes some maiming but they get into that pretty quick.

This story started out as an on-line comic by Noelle Stevenson that, like most things on-line, I never saw. I picked it up last week because I was very much in the mood for graphic novels . The art is pretty good- I’m not artist but it all looks like something I’ve seen a million times. I did read this one on my Kindle and I had no problems with the format.

The story is easy but adorable. Nimona is not quite what she seems much to Blackheart’s delight and horror. He’s also much more caring then he seems. But the real question is will they be able to survive the forces against them. Overall I liked the tale and the emotional beats involved in it. I would love to see a movie version but especially of Ballister who was my definite favorite.

Fan casting- I have to admit I read this late last week before this week’s painful Game of Thrones and while reading I was getting some serious Arya/ Hound vibes with Nimona and Ballister and season one Jaime would make a great Goldenloin.

Recommend: Yes. It’s a quick read with good characters.

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