Exquisite Corpse & In Real Life Graphic Novel Fun


In Real Life had been on my wish list for a while. It’s about a girl gamer who starts killing gold farmers in the game to make some real life cash of her own. Only when she actually begins to start talking to one of those gold farmers, a young Chinese man does she realize life is not just a game. Her new friend is also trying to earn a living under much more difficult circumstances.

This was another easy read- the art and everything was fine. Very much like my recent read Nimona.

I think my biggest problem was I don’t really know anything about the world of online role playing games. Do people really make money off the stuff? But the bigger point mainly that there’s a whole wide world out there you should try to understand and connect with still comes through.

Meanwhile Exquisite Corpse was another superfast read. The young main character is generally unhappy with her life when she meets a mysterious older man and begins a relationship with him. She doesn’t know he’s a world famous author. Actually she doesn’t know he’s a world famous dead author whose editor just keeps happening to find left behind books by him.

This one is more my cup of tea even though Zoe’s a bit of an idiot. I did enjoy the ending. The story also takes place in Paris, which isn’t really relevant only I found the art to have more of a sophisticated older look about it than some of my recent graphic novels. Almost fashionable I should say.

The one thing I would add is though I read both on my Kindle I think In Real Life should probably be read in book format. I think the art would have been a lot clearer that way.

Recommend: Yes. Even though I didn’t get the gaming part of In Real Life I still enjoyed it and Exquisite Corpse was a fun farce even though I can’t seem to spell exquisite without the use of spellcheck.

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