The Witch Hunter


The Witch Hunter

Author: Virginia Boecker

Genre: YA/ Supernatural

Grade: B

Well, The Witch Hunter was supposed to be for my Halloween month reading but it was neither creepy or scary. It did however fulfill one of the spots on the Great Imagination game, so yeah!

Elizabeth Grey lives in an alternative history Europe where she, along with her best friend Caleb, hunt witches and warlocks for Blackwell, the Kings Grand Inquisitor. The number one mission is to find Nicholas Perevil the crown’s major enemy and the man whom the magically inclined seem to be supporting. The witches and warlocks that Elizabeth finds go right to being burned at the stake.

Elizabeth isn’t having the best month ever but it gets progressively worse when she’s given up as a witch herself. Rescued from execution by the very people she’s hunted and turned into Enemy #2 by the people she used to work for Elizabeth has a problem.

Yeah, this isn’t a book that was full of surprises. I pretty much knew where everything was going right down to the betrayals but it was still an enjoyable read. I liked the characters and I liked how the author wove the magic into the world.

I also liked that John, the boy Elizabeth finds herself falling for, isn’t your typical male lead in these kinds of stories. He’s the healer and the heart of the group not really the fighter. But other than that even in the relationship nothing played out that surprised me.

This book is not a stand alone and while I overall enjoyed myself I’m not exactly chomping at the bit for the next one.

Recommend: Yes, for those that like their witches and alternate histories. Otherwise I could take it or leave it.

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