Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Alice Through the Looking Glass

Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway & Helena Bonham Carter

Grade: B+

Well, this is a little late but after a movie slump of sorts I finally got to go see my beloved Alice. This movie was really not as bad as some people would have me believe. It wasn’t great and it definitely appeals to me for various personal reasons but when it came right down to it I enjoyed it.

There are some cute little nods to the original story when she goes through the looking glass but mostly this is about Alice returning to Wonderland just in time to save the Hatter and help him find out the truth about what happened to his family. To do that she must steal from Time himself.

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I actually really enjoyed Time (Sascha Baron Cohen) in this one and usually I’m not big on the actor. But I like how Alice saw him as a “thief” and a “villian” in the beginning but her opinion by the end- not so much the same. The special effects were good and some bits very beautiful to see on screen.

Alice herself was awesome. I like how she was spunky and independent and thought she could do impossible things. But one thing I really enjoyed about the film was not just the message of the importance of friendship and family but two separate instances of characters owning up to their mistakes and saying, yep, I was wrong. I should have listened to you and I’m sorry.

I thought that was great especially because in both instances they are sincere whereas sometimes in movies you get it with a wink or it’s very tongue in cheek. I appreciated the honesty.

While the movie drug a little bit at times they did manage to cram a good deal in just under two hours. I do have to admit that I found the make-up for the Hatter bordering on creepy in some cases. (And distracting.) Depp is always good but the make-up combined with some of the mannerisms and the big eyes and the, “My Alice…” bits in the beginning occasionally I just wanted to yell, “Run away Alice!”

Recommend: Yes. If you’re into Alice, Wonderland or stories about the nature of Time. But I’m thinking this one’s going to hit DVD pretty fast anyway.

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