By: Mary Shelley

Grade: A

Whoa! Two classics this year for me! I am on a roll 🙂

Embarrassing fact: I was totally one of those people who thought Frankenstein was the monster. I mean I figured it out long before I read it but yeah, I thought that way too long myself. I enjoyed the book. Surprised myself really. But since a lot has been written about it I thought I’d just basically transcribed some of the notes I took.

Mostly on Frankenstein.


Me: So you bring something to life, have a mental breakdown (understandable) and then pretty much go about ignoring it? Even I wouldn’t do that.

Brain: Aren’t you pretty much ignoring at least five important things right now?

Me: Yes. But not of that magnitude.

Brain: Well, you’re real so…

Me: Leave me alone brain!

As much as Frankenstein was relatable in ways and sad and tragic. He was also a bit of a dolt. I’m not just talking about the not doing anything about the most well-spoken monster ever and alternatively feeling guilty and sorry for himself.

Like good. Don’t make him a female. Smart move. But maybe take some precautions considering he’s already been prone to violence.

Also monster with a history of killing the people you love in order to make you miserable tells you he, “Will be with you on your wedding night,” and your mind doesn’t even once think that it could be Elizabeth whose in danger and not you? Really? I also particularly loved the whole, “I’m going to tell you something awful and horrible Elizabeth that may change the way you feel and put you in even more danger. After the wedding.” Because there should be no secrets.

I mean Elizabeth wasn’t much of a character. The secondary characters really lacked for me. They seemed their to simply be brilliantly good and full of life and love until crossing paths with the monster (and knowing Frankenstein) but I suppose it was never about them and as much of a moron as Victor was I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him in the end.

I did enjoy the book despite the Victor thing. It took a while for me to get into but once I did I was completely hooked. Although I hate to admit it I thought the ending was a bit anti-climatic. I expected a fight. Too many movies I suppose. The ending has grown on me however. It almost grounded the book in reality that it came to that particular end.

Recommend: Yes. It’s actually a quick read and a classic for a reason.


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