Where Did Amelia Earhart Go?

amelia earhart in elsewhere


Grade: A

What happened to legendary aviator Amelia Earhart? Well, she went Elsewhere according to this new graphic novel.

Earhart disappeared in 1937 and this story posits that she and her co-pilot where forced to abandoned the airplane and jumped into a ball of light that took them to another world (and seemingly another time- it’s wonky there) called Korvath. Where Amelia falls in with a group of runaway prisoners who are fighting a resistance and finds herself a cool new way of flying.

It’s only volume one but I enjoyed it. It’s a one setting read. The art is great. Amelia is awesome. They certainly go with kickass and feisty take no prisoners and smart. There’s a pop up appearance of another famous disappearing person that I don’t want to give away. We don’t see a lot of the resistance but the two main characters we meet have nice banter.

Tons of potential and places to go in this one. I’m interested enough to keep reading for Amelia alone.

Recommend: Yes.

Gert goes Good

I Hate Fairyland Vol. 3 Good Girl

Grade: A-

Meanwhile my favorite little sugar laden psycho adult trapped in a child’s body has decided that maybe, just maybe, if she’s good and nice she could finally leave Fairyland. And lo and behold kindness actually starts to work. Gert is finally close to seeing the end of her nightmare the only problem is not everyone is willing to let go of decades of menace.

I’m still enjoying Gert’s journey. She’s such an amusing character (because she doesn’t exit in real life) it was a little slow at times despite the fun of seeing her go good. That being said I didn’t expect the end and had to laugh at it. Still totally onboard for the next volume.

Also still love the psycho Candyland like world and artwork.

Recommend: Yes- being this is volume three you really should read the first two. Luckily they’re quick and easy reads.

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  1. There has been a resurgence of interest in A. Earhart lately. Everyone loves a good real-life mystery, I suppose! I’m trying to increase my graphic novel reading and this one seems like a good one. Thanks for the review. It’s not something I probably would have found on my own, which is why I love book blogs!

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