The Ice Cream Book Tag

the ice cream book tag

I saw this tag on Super Space Chick’s Youtube channel. She created it along with Alexa Loves Books and since I love ice cream and books and it’s summer I thought this would be the perfect time to do it.

So more books and ice cream ahead!

Vanilla: a book you wish had more flavor

a million junes

I think it’s because considering what this book is actually about I still feel like I should have liked it more but it needed more pop. More life. Wildness. I can’t exactly put my hand on why.

If this was an album I think it would be old-school Taylor but would have rocked with a Reputation era style instead!

Chocolate: a long book or book world you enjoy indulging in

six of crows

Which may be strange because it doesn’t seem like the best kind of world to live in unless you know Kaz and crew. But to be honest I’d also choose: Hogwarts, Westeros, Wonderland, and the world of Strange the Dreamer.

Strawberry: a super sweet romance

Carry On

Most super sweet romances let’s say give me an ice cream headache but this one is a rare exception and I can’t wait for the sequel!

Ice Cream Sundae: a book with all the elements you love

Odd & True

Okay, I talk about a lot of books that meet all the elements I love so Odd & True is one I don’t talk about so much but it pretty much has it all. Strong sisters, family drama, monsters, disability representation, sisters not trying to kill each other and a girl risking her life to save an animal.

Also it was truly about the sisters and their relationship romance was completely background!

Sprinkles: a colorful cover

I Hate Fairyland

My favorite little mad over-sugared psychopath adult stuck in a child’s body. I love all the covers of this series and the art. And actually Fairyland is a world I would want to immerse myself in as well! And meet Gert!

Milkshake: a book that blends genres

my lady jane

Fantasy, comedy, historical fiction a little bit of politics all rolled into one.

Ice Cream Cake: a book worthy of a celebration

(I so love ice cream cake.)

I kind of feel like any book that’s ever gotten you through a hard time is worthy of a celebration no matter the reasons so even though I was trying to pick different books than usual I got to go with…

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series as a whole and/or A Song of Ice and Fire. But this would be different for everyone.

3 Scoops: a book with multiple perspectives

the diviners

My reading does tend to be multiple perspectives so I had a lot of options but I picked up Lair of Dreams recently and am looking forward to diving back into this series which takes place in 20’s era New York and involves a group of people with different powers who must solve a crime with supernatural elements.

Waffle Cone: a contemporary to read quickly

this adventure ends

Much like Odd & True all things involving Emma Mills writing deserve more love!

Pint: A book to set aside for later

I feel like my entire TBR pile is rolling their eyes at this point so I’d have to chose my top three that I just haven’t felt like reading yet but couldn’t resist buying…

I picked up both of these the minute I could and then decided The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock seemed better for summer (and it’s still summer so I can still read it!) and Children of Blood and Bone feels like a fall book.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Cup or Cone: I’m a cone girl- especially if it has nuts and a fudge surprise at the bottom of the cone

Favorite flavor: I’ll keep it simple… the more chocolate the better!

Preferred Toppings: Sprinkles

Local Ice Creamery: Eek. I hate to admit it but my favorite is actually a Yogurt place! The Yogurt Island near my place has a fantastic pomegranate that I like to mix with the chocolate. Also a really good Island Banana flavor… that I like to mix with the chocolate!

I’ll tag anyone who loves ice cream and books and is ready for Fall 🙂

Or just anyone who wants to do the tag!

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  1. I love Six of Crows. ❤️ And The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock is my next book to read for sure. I think it’s a summer read as well. 😊

    I don’t know some of those books. I Hate Fairyland looks really funny. I am making a mental note to check it out! 😊

  2. I feel like I tell you this every time, but your memory astounds me. I read probably 250 books a year, always ALWAYS have something on the go, but I will always struggle to tell you the current title of my book, let alone 5 titles ago, or 50!

  3. Ha! It’s usually after the fact though. I also tend to blank more often than not on my age, phone number and address so the memories a 50/50 kind of thing 🙂

  4. Definitely adding odd & true to my TBR! Also, thanks for reminding me about “I hate fairyland ” I’m pretty sure that I added it to my list last time you mentioned it… But, I completely forgot about it! It looks hilariously wonderful!! 💖👍

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