Jack-Jack Rules All

Jack-Jack and a cookie

The Incredibles 2

Directed by: Brad Bird

Grade: A-

I think it was a couple of days ago I mentioned The Incredibles was the only Pixar movie that never made me cry. That fact remains though I did tear up in the short film before it this time the absolutely adorable Bao. So it’s mostly a technicality at this point!

Most adorable dumpling ever!

I also had no idea where Bao (directed by Domee She) was going so when she did what she did I was like, “Oh, shit!” Then I got it obviously. Definitely recommend checking this one out if you get the chance. It’s precious.

As to The Incredibles the new film picks up where the last ended and a super rich mogul and his sister want to help the superheroes become legal again and get back into the spotlight. Only they want to start with Helen (Holly Hunter) leaving Bob (Craig T. Nelson) home to play Mr. Mom.

Mr. Incredibles does math

I enjoyed Incredibles 2 maybe more than the first one because of the whole Mr. Mom (especially Jack-Jack) storyline. The family is where the heart is in these movies and as much as I thought it was fine I didn’t really care about Helen’s story and I thought the whole Screenslaver villain thing had an interesting angle but was fairly obvious…

Screen Slaver

Which I was a little off on- but not enough to be a surprise.

Meanwhile Jack-Jack has a fight in this that’s probably my favorite action sequence from several movies 🙂

Also really loved Edna and Jack-Jack (please make it a two-pack Funko!) and Violet who was having boy trouble and seriously pissed at dad came through when her family needed her without a second thought. Disney and Pixar have put out some possible seizure warnings do to certain scenes with bright flashing lights and I didn’t even think about the health implications but one particular scene did annoy me so much I had to turn away.

Bob and Jack-Jack

I mean to be honest The Incredibles 2 is no real surprise it’s a sweet family film about a superhero family (and Uncle Lucius and Aunt Edna) that still made me laugh… and want my own super powered cookie loving baby.

Recommend: Yes. And that includes Bao!


  1. I love Pixar movies. I haven’t seen this one yet but knowing myself, I’ll fall for it big time. Tears are likely to be shed lol.
    I’m so happy you enjoyed it, I’m looking forward to watching it even more now. 😊

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  2. Bao totally threw me — I didn’t expect that Kirby moment! And Jack Jack had me in tears!! That part with Edna was adorable, but his character was just overall hilarious. I didn’t expect him to add so much to the movie. Wouldn’t have been the same without him.

    Liked by 1 person

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