Things Not Conducive to Blogging

sheldon and penny in the er

Probably the main thing not conducive to blogging or keeping up right now is abdominal  surgery and a stomach full of stitches. I told myself I wasn’t going to bother with posting or even scheduling posts but I had really been hoping to keep up with reading and commenting and that just didn’t happen.

Hopefully I can manage more and more.

I have managed to do some reading the last couple of days. I’m currently almost finished Four Dead Queens which was enjoyable but pretty normal up to like the last 2/3rds and it’s starting to look like it could be enjoyable and different so fingers crossed.

four dead queens

I haven’t finished my Game of Thrones reread yet as I have the hardback of that and some books are meant to be read while lying on your stomach not your back. That’s definitely one of them.

Also not overly conducive to blogging…

A two-track mind even if one of those tracks is completely split. Basically all I want to do is theorize about Thrones (and another part of me wonders what show I’m going to scream at every Sunday night now) and of course Endgame.


I got to admit I teared up a little at Nebula all suited up with the Avengers. Though I must admit that bit at the end didn’t do anything for me. I’m sure in context it will be great but the trailer was so epic and that just felt so, eh. I did enjoy Captain Marvel and had a rough draft of a review which might have been more about Fury running a cat alien rescue when and if he ever retires.

My show watching has basically consisted of season 3 of Avatar.

Zuko the last airbender

Me: You’re still an asshole Zuko!

And at this point I don’t see any way Uncle Iroh and Sokka don’t end this as my favorites.

I’ve also completely caught up on this season of the Big Bang Theory. I’m not going to lie that’s in large part because Cinematic Corner mentioned Joe Manganiello appearing in one of her Friday posts! Though Sheldon barfing on William Shatner was probably the best part.

I also pulled out a couple of stitches (when my anxiety and stress is high I’m super literal and people need to give me exact directions) and blew part of my (as of yet still non-existent) tax return on a fancy ass Kitchen Aid Mixer because I have watched one too many baking competitions. Of course as my roommate pointed out it’s pretty and people will think we’re badass cooks. So there is a bright side.

So I shall be reading some blogs and trying not to do or buy anything dumb until Spring. Even I can manage that 🙂