Final Endgame Predictions: No Spoilers

Avengers Endgame

So only hours really until my most anticipated movie of the year opens. I thought I’d do a final predictions list. I was going to make a Bingo Card but I am just not graphically inclined.

I did do a theories post a while back.

I have managed to stay unspoiled save for the shows announced on the new Disney streaming service. Which I wasn’t even happy about that. So no spoilers just plain old guesses below.

Steve and Tony will make peace with each other.

Banner and Hulk will make peace. Someone will mention how much Hulks evolved.

Farmer Thanos

They fight Thanos in the Quantam Realm… because he can’t use the stones there? Who knows? But I think that’s where they are in the trailers.

I will be tired of what seems like a million previews before the film even starts.

Captain America

I say Steve is the only death. I will continue to mourn his beard.

Tony will “retire” to have his family though he’ll never truly retire.

Hopefully someone will bring up where Carol’s been for the past 20 years or even the past 10?

Maybe she’ll ask if anyone’s checked on Fury’s cat.

Everyone: Fury has a cat?

Carol: Well…

Natasha: It’s actually a deadly alien that looks like a cat. But Fury’s very attached to him.

carol and the kree in captain marvel

I will question Clint and Natasha’s hair choices. (Okay that’s already happened but still…)

Everyone’s going to feel guilty.

Except Scott? Maybe he’ll just be confused.

Scott Lang in Endgame

I did see someone wonder if Tony would joke about or be surprised by Rocket but really? Tony’s like everyone else they’ve seen some strange shit. I don’t think anyone jokes about  Rocket.

Now the big one:

Bring them back or make it so it never happened? And will they be playing with the multi-verse idea here?

tony stark is lost in space

I’m leaning toward they fix it so it never happened and so everyone comes back no matter whether they were pre or post snap. (Which might be the one thing that annoys me.) The Avengers will remember it. And they’ll remember what they had to do to fix it… but will anyone else?

Lastly I will cry. Probably several times.

Hopefully I will also be surprised!

I hope everyone enjoys the film!


13 thoughts on “Final Endgame Predictions: No Spoilers

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  1. Oh my gosh the cat! If the cat doesn’t make an appearance I’ll be pissed. I still think the cat should play a pivotal role in defeating Thanos. Okay- kidding. Maybe?

    If Cap goes- does Bucky get the shield???

  2. Love your predictions, but I really really hope Steve doesn’t die! </3
    I can't believe I've got to wait till TUESDAY before I get to see it…the wait is killing me!

  3. Haha, I just came back here to see if you’d updated things since you’d seen it. Fun to reread these afterward!

  4. Great predictions!!! Haha I didn’t read them till after I saw the movie and I won’t comment on which ones were right and wrong (I know you have seen it now, but who know if other commenters have) but some of those guesses were spot on!!

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