Films & Shows that Help Tame My Anxiety

Chris Hemsworth

So last night I was supposed to go see MIB: International had the tickets and everything. But right before we were scheduled to leave the house there was some sort of power surge, outage, blip, I don’t know we lost power for a couple of minutes and then it took a long time to come back on and the AC didn’t seem to be working correctly.

And anything like that can set off my anxiety period but then thinking about leaving the animals was just like boom! Not going to happen. Won’t be able to enjoy the movie! Would be absolutely sure something had gone wrong and the house was burning down. And we didn’t want to shut the AC down as it was 107 here yesterday so finally my roommate put me out of my misery.

So MIB was put off. But I did find out they make Harley Quinn ice-cream flavor. (good but needs more chocolate) and I did do a write up of all my favorite anxiety busting films and shows.

As with all things they work to calm me down but maybe not everyone I would recommend them anyway for lots of different reasons.

Amy and Sheldon in the BBT

The Big Bang Theory

I’ve said before how important this show has been for me. I relate to the characters in many different ways and it’s just so peaceful you know it’s always going to work out in the end and the friends are always going to be together. I’m an especially big fan of seasons 2-6.


The Nice Guys

This film about two losers basically who have to work together to solve a major conspiracy has been my go to since I saw it. Gosling and Crowe are so good in this they have such great chemistry and the writing is first rate. Pretty much no matter how often I see it I get a laugh out of it.

There should be a sequel for The Nice Guys.

leslie and ben parks and recreations

Parks and Recreations

Such a good way to come down from a particularly hard day at work unless you get jealous that you can’t work at the Parks Department. I think the show really started when Ben and Chris showed up however.

Weird Parks and Recreations fact- much as I love the show I’ve never been able to finish the last season. Never even started it and I have no idea why!

harry and hermione get caught

The Harry Potter Films

These films and books definitely belong on any list of my anxiety busters. The only thing would be I have a weird thing about only watching these in the fall and winter. I think the other great thing about them is that I can just pick up the books or put on the films and don’t have to feel compelled to watch the whole thing before they help.



Cheers is a show I watched way back in the day and loved it ever since. (I prefer the Rebecca years when they just embraced the nutty.) It’s a lot like any of the comedies on this list.  Loveable losers just having fun and being friends.

Plus its fun to watch Woody Harrelson play Woody Boyd and think about how far he’s come and long he’s lasted in the business. It’s on Netflix which is another fact that makes it easy to watch and me super happy.

The Great British Bake Off

Baking Shows

I’ve been using baking shows to help me wind down for the past year. (Never baked anything though.) But I would say The Great British Bake Off on Netflix (in the States) and the Kids Baking Championship on Food Network are my all time favorites. Everything always looks so scrumptious and through tricks of editing it never looks like it takes that much time to bake!

I even feel like I’m learning something while unwinding even if it’s only slang.

Finally another movie I can watch straight through or bits and pieces of that always makes me feel better especially the fight scenes…


Maybe it’s the soundtrack that helps? Maybe I randomly find Crowe comforting? Who knows?

Maybe when the noise in your head is just a little too loud you need the option of a good Gladiator throw-down.

So those are my very best anxiety busting films and shows that never fail to help make me feel better. Hopefully I will see the movie in a couple of days and we all have anxiety and stress free weekends!