Return to Discworld: Thoughts on 7,8 & 9



By: Terry Pratchett

I took a little break from my Discworld reading travels at the beginning of the year. Maybe it was fatigue but Good Omens put me in the mood to jump back in. In the future I probably won’t follow the one a month schedule that I had been doing.

Discworld is great fun but it’s probably best when you’re feeling in the mood for the crazy…


Pyramids is probably the most different Discworld novel yet about Teppic- the new ruler who needs to build the best pyramid ever for his father because generally speaking these people don’t care so much about living as the afterlife.

There’s a lot of math.

Another female character that’s mostly an iffy miss.

And a brilliant ass.

This book took me probably 50% to get into. They should have taken out the assassin school stuff- it was a slim connection to the end and made the start way too confusing.

Guards! Guards!

I had better luck with Guards! Guards! We’re back with the… special citizenry of Ankh-Morpork who decide to crown a dragon. But we’re really following Carrot a human raised as a dwarf who joins the pointless City Guard whose Captain Vimes might be the most level-headed person in the city besides, obviously, the Librarian.

This one was a lot of fun. I liked all the characters in the guard and I liked the masses will follow anything idea. I actually believe crowning the dragon might have been the most realistic of Discworld ideas. We totally would.

And I will read anything with adorable little dragons with gas problems 🙂


Book nine is the return of the character I want most to be real. Well, maybe if I owned it otherwise it might be a lot of trouble.

That’s right Luggage is back and worshipped as it should be thank you very much!

There’s also Rincewind summoned back from the other world in place of a demon. He has better luck with magic this time but there’s a reason for that. Cute back and forth between Rincewind and the kid, funny jokes and word play and a look at how hell is being over-managed.

I had fun with it and it’s a super short fast read.

Recommend: Yes

Guards! Guards! would be my recommendation for someone who just wants to read pieces of Discworld or wants a good example of the best of the world.

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  1. Yay, I see we understand each other. Luggage is the BEST!

    I enjoyed ‘Guards! Guards!’ a whole lot as well! The City Guard members are all so much fun to read about! I liked ‘Eric’, but it wasn’t one of my favourites, despite Rincewind & Luggage 😉

    I never got into ‘Pyramids’. That was the only book I dnf!

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