I Finally Did John Wick!

keanu reeves as john wick

Well, the movie trilogy naturally but a girl can dream right?

So I put these movies off for the longest time mainly because of the dog in the first movie that freaking Theon Greyjoy kills starting off this whole thing. It never really struck me that I could skip that part. Sometimes I don’t really think these things through.

Thoughts on the films as I watched them:

John Wick: The One with the Dog

daisy in john wick

And it’s like they went out and found the cutest dog ever! I’m sorry but the blood bath that follows- totally justified. Keanu’s great with the sad sack and the action and I like the supporting cast here but can’t help but feel like Ian McShane’s character is so up to something.

Also I do appreciate John’s going for the headshots here. Yes! Make sure they are dead baby. If Hopper had done the same in Stranger Things…

John Wick 2: The One where we Go International

john wick in rome

John Wick is seriously having a hard week. His wife’s funeral. Dead dog. Mass murders and now old business acquaintances calling in debts and surprisingly no one in the international assassin business is all that trustworthy.

It’s like the first movie on dynamite and to be honest I didn’t love it as much until the last thirty or so minutes- then I was all in for the third one.

ian mcshane in john wick

And I’m more sure than ever Ian McShane is up to something.

John Wick Parabellum: Even the Dogs are Having a Better Day

So John is now on the run from a $14 million dollar price tag on his head. I’m just going to say it felt like this one went full over the edge into super hero territory there was one scene in a pool where he actually backs up so someone can shoot him they miss every time and then he just shoots them in the head.

He’s referred to as Baba Yaga and a ghost throughout so I’m starting to wonder. Plus I’m thinking Angelica Huston was supposed to be some kind of connection to the gypsies?

Halle Berry in Parabellum

Halle Berry’s awesome dogs going for Bronn’s (Jerome Flynn) balls? I am taking that as payback for every dick joke and brothel scene that took away time from Game of Thrones.

The John Wick fan boy assassin was fun and Dog chilling on the couch with Ian McShane while everything went to shit was a mood.

Despite the fact that the acting is increasingly questionable and the action actually getting more and more unrealistic I am enjoying the story. The close of this one is perfect although it only reinforces the one thing I was thinking throughout the whole film. He needs to just kill them all.

Recommend: Yes.