The Emmy’s Actually Didn’t Annoy Me!

Jodie Comer as Villanelle

The Emmy’s were last night and I must admit for a show I wasn’t even going to watch as I thought they’d just give everything to Thrones and Veep I’m a little surprised by how happy I was with the winners!!

And yes I’m a big old hypocrite because I’m most happy Benioff and Weiss didn’t win the writing Emmy. Yes I know I’m petty but I don’t think I’m the only one here and they won for other seasons including the infamous bad pussy line so come on! 🙂

Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer with her Emmy

I could have gone either way with the Best Actress. Comer, Emilia Clarke or Sandra Oh are all amazing. But Jodie simply had the better writing behind her. I thought her speech was wonderful and I’m so happy for her! And honestly her highly relatable monologue about the boredom of life being almost unbearable and then calmly shoving that woman in the path of a truck is still one of my favorite things all year.


Bill Hader made me cry in It Chapter 2 so give him all the awards! Seriously I’m only in season one of Barry and Fleabag and last nights awards were for season 2 so I can’t speak to that specifically but both shows and performances are really good.

Bill Hader at the emmy's

I do kind of question whether either show is a comedy in the vein of something like Modern Family, The Good Place or the Big Bang Theory I mean don’t get me wrong they are very funny but to me both fall into more of a dramady area (comedy seems like such a broad genre here) can they really fairly compete with the others?

Dinklage and the Deserving

On the one hand I’m a huge fan of Lena Headey and she and Alfie Allen were wildly over-looked in previously seasons. I would have been happy with either one of them winning but it’s supposed to be judged on the submitted season and neither one of them had all that much to do in season 8.

cersei lannister in game of thrones

Especially Headey much as I love her I’d put every one of the nominated Thrones actresses over her in terms of meaty material this season.

I like Peter Dinklage but if anyone deserved it this season (or should have had a chance) it was Nikolaj and honestly I think if Kit Harrington competes in Best Actor Dinklage certainly should have done the same.

I’m happy Chernobyl won its main category and poor Amy Adams can’t seem to catch a break. I do wonder if Sharp Objects wasn’t so long ago it got lost in some of the very impressive more recent entries.

So while I’m overall happy with the winners and even pleasantly surprised the Emmy Show itself, like usual, I could have done without 🙂 Next year Stranger Things season three is eligible along with Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown- so it should be fun!

13 thoughts on “The Emmy’s Actually Didn’t Annoy Me!

  1. Oh I hear you. Boo’s acting in Barry is some of the best dramatic acting I’ve seen. His competition in the category was absolutely screwed.

    1. There’s a picture of her right after she was called hugging her friend and giving Fiona Shaw a deer in headlights look of shock if I ever saw one! She seems like such a sweetheart it makes Villanelle even more impressive 🙂

  2. Haha and you didn’t even mention the outfits once 😂😂 I haven’t watched enough of the shows to judge the categories but I love getting super judgy over their outfits 😂😂

    1. They weren’t very good… 🙂
      Like I liked Jodie’s dress a lot and I loved her and Emilia’s hair and make-up. I thought Emilia’s dress was kind of weird though like she pulls it off but it also looked like it was flattening her chest out. Phoebe’s dress was pretty too in a very classic way. And I must be crazy because everyone’s like oh Gwendoline Christie pulled off her dress and I’m just like she looked lovely but that dress was awful! Pretty sure I blocked out the rest!

  3. Yay for B&W not winning a writing Emmy. Ugh. I think I’m glad Jodie Comer won too, even though I haven’t seen that show yet, but she was good in another show I saw.

  4. Great article on the Emmys!

    I was so happy with Jodi Cromer finally winning for her work on Killing Eve. Bill Hader is just so incredibly good on Barry, so happy for his win as well.

    As much as I am a fan of Fleabag, I was really hoping to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Veep take home the awards for their final season.

    I wasn’t really surprised with Game of Thrones win because even with Season 8 not being the best, it’s still at the end of the day one of the most successful series ever, and I think many who vote on the awards keep that in mind when choosing what shows to give the award to.

    1. I like Fleabag but I do think that was a bit overkill and the shows a bit overhyped. Not going to lie I thought Barry deserved more wins especially for directing and writing and I’m stunned JLD didn’t take home a final Emmy. Though honestly she has a ton so… 🙂

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