These Look Like Fun: Maverick and Avenue 5

Tom Cruise Maverick

Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked books and was just getting over an illness when she looked upon the television and saw a movie with hot guys with attitudes in uniform, fast planes, motorcycles and thought… oh, I like this.

It’s going to be my childhood classic.

In other words the new trailer for Maverick hits all the sweet spots with very little actual story (fine) and also very little Miles Teller (even better!)

I guess this is the student becoming the teacher. Maverick never did get orders so much as think they were all suggestions he could follow loosely. Either way I’m totally in on this one.

Also totally in on…

Hugh Laurie in a cruise liner disaster in space comedy!

I hadn’t heard about this and was just thinking to myself there is very little television I’m interested in next year when I stumbled upon this trailer. It looks like it’s just going to be a fun winter watch. Since my fear of hospitals and illness always kept me from watching House it will be nice to get a good dose of Hugh Laurie.

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