My Dream Disney Live Action Remake Ideas


Disney recently confirmed that the Russo Brothers (Marvel) are producing a live-action version of Hercules which will be a fun movie to imaginary cast but it also made me think as much as I enjoy the live-action updates they could be more interesting, a little more out there, so here are the 5 I wish they would make.

Snow White

But instead of the same old thing have Snow White as the middle-aged widowed (or divorced from Prince Charming) Queen. She’s dealing with an evolving Kingdom and maybe just to keep the fairy tale element she remarries and gets a wicked stepchild!

Merida Joins Marvel

Okay this is more a cross-over event and we’re not live-actioning the Pixar  movies yet but she’d be the Princess that made the most sense (Elsa would be in the X-Men.)

Of course the argument could be made their already Kate Bishop and Emma Frost. But I still think it would be fun. She could go to college with Peter!

Merida from Brave

Tiana the Romance Novelist

They could do the Enchanted with her push her into live-action and make her a romance/self-help novelist. Kissed too Many Frogs? I Have the Answer for that in my New Best Seller…

How to Find the Frog that’s Actually a Prince.

Rapunzel in the 99

Actually they are apparently doing a live action Rapunzel update to and I don’t really have any ideas here except to include Cassandra from The Tangled Series (so cute! I’m basically going between that and Brooklyn 99 these days and oh…)

flynn and rapunzel


Andy Samberg could easily be Flynn’s long-lost brother! So just a Rapunzel Detective movie!

This was just mostly to put in my casting hope for Samara Weaving as Rapunzel 🙂

Sci-Fi It

Okay, so maybe this is more of a catch all for live-action remakes but sci-fi one of these things. What about Belle as a futuristic librarian who falls in love with a Murderbot style part cyborg?

Or like the 12 Dancing Princesses but in space?

So hopefully the Russo’s will come up with something fun for Hercules (and someone more interesting to cast than Chris Hemsworth though he really would be perfect!) but maybe the live action versions of these movies will get a little more interesting in the future?



8 thoughts on “My Dream Disney Live Action Remake Ideas

  1. I haven’t been a big fan of the ones that have come out so far, and it’s mostly because they lack the energy of the animated versions. I love your idea of mixing them up with plot twists or different details. I’d love to see a live-action version of The Princess Frog without Tiana having to turn into a frog.

  2. Tiana the romance novelist sounds like a LOT of fun, it’s giving me how to lose a guy in ten days vibe. Which reminds me I love romance where there’s a journalist involved, it’s just more fun because tea could be spilled at any time.

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