Maas Unleashed: Early Thoughts on Crescent City

House of Earth and Blood

“He looked at her like she was a steak and he was someone who… ate steak. Raw and moaning.”

Yes Sarah J. Maas is back and she’s been unleashed (at least officially) on the “adult” book world.

I was trying to figure out why this book felt so awfully familiar and yet I couldn’t stop listening (besides the fact that it’s funny probably not in the way she wants but still…) it’s the Real Housewives. It’s every reality show like it.

And please I’m not trashing this book (I can’t -I haven’t finished yet) nor am I trashing reality television. I think there are some hardcore elements of like the flashy old episodes of CSI: Miami or Vegas to!

I can’t decide if the audio book is making it worse or better because the narrator voices everyone either like some snotty party brat just fawning around to beautiful and over-produced to be bothered it or like some tired rich broad whose talking to everyone else like they can’t be bothered with the dregs and are too busy having sex to care.

So far Bryce’s characteristics consist of: she’s got curves, red hair and… she likes drugs and sex. For some reason these super powerful angels need her to help them find this demon murderer and it certainly seems to be leaning toward her being SPECIAL I mean besides her CURVES but I’ll wait to be surprised.

Oh! That’s the amazing thing these people are either constantly talking and thinking about sex or looks… their own or other people’s but it’s Maas and I’m stunned there hasn’t been a single sex scene yet. I mean it’s constantly there but we aren’t actually seeing it which is probably a good thing. Maas has also coined the phrase ‘alpha holes’ so good she figured out the alpha male problem with the other series but the book is still riddled with them.

She’s even got the wing thing again with the angels and immortality. At least there’s no sanctimonious Rhysand character… yet.

The world building well you are also just thrown the hell into that. I mean it’s coming together but besides the creatures the only thing that stands out to me is the phrase Midgard which naturally makes me think of Thor, which of course makes me wonder, what the hell would Maas do with him????

For all that so far I’m actually enjoying the book! I mean like I said probably not in the way I should but sometimes in these horrible shitty times a person just wants to read about dumb horny supernatural characters and have a laugh you know?

And if someone could explain “bedroom soft” to me as a physical descriptor well, maybe I’d understand Maas even more!

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