Batman Steals DC’s Fandome

I feel like DC Fandome was a nice little event yesterday. I mean I was just happy I could get on and everything ran smoothly there were some good previews but they biggest surprise was The Batman trailer!

I mean honestly considering this movie was only 30% done filming when COVID struck I’m surprised to get such a meaty trailer. I think Pattinson sold everyone who was on the fence but most intriguingly there’s the Riddler…

This looks like Paul Dano could nail this and they could create a Riddler as iconic as Joker which is how it should be. Hell we’ve overused the Joker at this point and there are so many good villains. He has a Rogue’s Gallery for Pete’s sake but they more often than not get forgotten or tossed to the side.

I’ve heard a couple of people say it gives them David Fincher vibes as well as The Crow (which I really should rewatch soon) either way this one just shot to the top of my most anticipated films of 2021 and while it’s DC and they know how to make fantastic trailers considering this film isn’t even half done and this is what we get…

Hopefully the studio stays out of it and let’s Matt Reeves continue to do his thing.

Also scary thought but a decade after Twilight made me like never oh my God I could see myself becoming a total Pattinson fan girl!

I’m a little less sold on the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer (not that it matters I’m still super excited!) but there seems to be an element of Pedro Pascal losing control of the power that is interesting.

But it seems like my Governor (in California) might be loosening restrictions so this really could be my first film back!

We didn’t get much from The Suicide Squad but I’m in it for Harley and she looked great.

Grant you there were one or two quick shots in this trailer where I was confusing the Michael Rooker character for Harley. But still I’m hopeful for this despite being disappointed in the first.

Zack Snyder has never really been a draw for me so I’m 50/50 on the Justice League trailer I just don’t have a lot of hope for the actual story but I must say the look of it seems better and more hopeful than the original cut.

And it’s not like I’m not going to watch it so there’s that.

Also I was happy to see Batgirl looking cool in the Gotham Knights game trailer and mentions of the Court of Owls there (and possibly some Easter eggs in the Batman trailer) it would be awesome if that was coming.

Just a lot of good exciting things to look forward to in the DC world. And meanwhile I’m still sitting over here waiting for word on whether I’m even going to see Wandavision debut this year.