Renew Harley Quinn & Marvel Rumors

Ivy and Harley in the Harley Quinn Show

So when I heard at DC Fandome Part 2 that Doom Patrol was getting a 3rd season I was like yeah! Partly because I love Doom Patrol and partly because I automatically assumed Harley Quinn was next…

Well it wasn’t great news as they said they’re still negotiating for a season 3.

But again looking on the bright side negotiating is a hell of a lot better than we’ve heard nothing better start the petitions kids. I’m hopeful and I’m willing to wait. Of course there is a Twitter thing happening on September 18th #RenewHarleyQuinn tag HBOMAX.

Jonathan Majors who is currently killing it in Lovecraft Country (speaking of HBO Max) has been cast in a big role in the 3rd Ant-Man movie which everyone is saying is going to be Kang the Conqueror.

Jonathan Majors

Which makes me wonder about the Fantastic Four being introduced there. To be honest it could work really well although it’s also possible it’s going to be Young Justice considering they aged up Scott’s daughter. But I’ve already fan-casted Fantastic Four in my head…

And please just give Michelle Pfeiffer something to do in this one! Oh if Disney + is looking for content how about a mother/daughter Wasp show???

It’s picking up steam that Black Widow is going to move dates and not really surprising. And speaking of exceedingly hard to follow Marvel news there’s some reason to believe Wandavision may be back in production and close to being finished. Now even if its ready on time the intricate connected nature of the Marvel Universe doesn’t mean will see it in December.

But than again they may want to get something out if Black Widow moves and it may beat Falcon and Winter soldier to completion…

I’m trying to be hopeful okay 🙂

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  1. Marvel definitely is in a bind. Their carefully laid out plans have pretty much become their biggest struggle now. So many cool things were planned, we can only hope that some of them will see the light of day😊

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