She-Hulk Casting Is Golden

If you had told me like this morning I’d even be interested in the new She-Hulk show I would have laughed and then Marvel goes and casts one of my favorite actresses whom I was just recently thinking hasn’t gotten nearly the Hollywood attention she deserves since her show ended…

Wait. What am I talking about?

Marvel has cast Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black in the role, and apparently the role is going to include several film appearances, and yeah I just could not be more excited!

I think Maslany is a fantastic actress one of the best working. If you’ve never seen Orphan Black (you should) she played multiple roles sometimes four characters in the same scene with each other and you would forget seriously you were looking at the same actress. And she can handle the physicality.

I mean honestly I never even heard she was in the running but she deserves it 🙂 Good job Marvel my excitement for She-Hulk literally went from none to through the roof!

11 thoughts on “She-Hulk Casting Is Golden

  1. I’m excited to see She-Hulk transition to the MCU. I always loved her character as a kid and her time on the Fantastic Four (when John Bryne was writing and drawing the title) made for some of my all-time favorite FF stories. Who knows? With the movie appearances slated for the MCU Shulkie AND the FF bound to show up sooner or later, maybe we’ll get to see them cross paths on screen, too. She’s such a great character.

    1. I hope so! I feel like they may hold off on the FF to set up the Young Avengers but than again maybe I just need to exercise some patience on that one!

      1. It does look like they are setting up the Young Avengers and I’d be ok with that. When it comes to Marvel’s youth teams, I read much more of the Champions than I do the Young Avengers but I’d love to see the Young Avengers in the MCU. I bet, especially given how rough the last FF movie was, Marvel will take their time to be sure they do it right. And I GUESS I can be patient XD.

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