There’s Only So Many Ways to Say Charming

Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes

Directed By: Harry Bradbeer

So watching Millie Bobby Brown charm her scrappy way through Enola Holmes last night I couldn’t help but go back on something I’d been completely against since the idea first came up.

She could play a young Princess Leia.

But this is about Enola Holmes- Sherlock’s younger sister whose mother disappears one morning so she must reconnect with the brothers she hasn’t seen in years. Sherlock (Henry Cavill) is fascinated by her but not exactly a people person and I must say Mycroft (Sam Claflin) is a total boor.

Seriously the cast is fine but they had to make him such an ass!

Look the movies not the greatest thing ever but Brown is as charming as I’ve ever seen her. I totally loved Enola. Hell I enjoyed the character so much I even wound up liking her relationship with the Marquess of Tewksbury which surprised me quite a bit.

And the movie, unlike the book which is the start of a series, does provide more answers even if you are seriously questioning her mother the whole time. (Helena Bonham Carter is excellent anyway and they look like they could be mother and daughter.) Admittance: I actually enjoyed this more than the book!

The mystery is fun but I must say to I was a little surprised by some of the darkness surrounding it. I can’t say I much enjoyed seeing Enola getting beaten up by Burn Gorman even though her mother’s trained her to be a fighter and she does for the most part hold her own.

Enola Holmes is pretty much what I expected save that the cast was actually more charming than I would have thought. It’s not a perfect mind-blowing movie by any means but it’s a fun, charming romp and I would be totally down for a sequel.

Recommend: Yes.

Oh, it’s on Netflix by the way. As most things seem to be these days 🙂

9 thoughts on “There’s Only So Many Ways to Say Charming

  1. I plan to see this one in the weekend. Even though I’m not a huge fan of these types of film, the cast alone makes it worth it to see it for me. You are right about her being able to play a young Princess Leia…she would be perfect for that part😊

  2. ahh, i loved this one so much! i had no idea it was originally a book. i loved enola as a character and her relationship with her mom really was the sweetest. i’d love a sequel too! i think it would be really interesting to see her resolving other cases and perhaps that intertwining more with her mom’s life, as we don’t really get to see much of what she’s actually doing. and i can’t get over how amazing millie bobby brown is, hahah, loved her acting so much in here!

    1. Yeah the mom thing is left hanging in the first book and she’s a pretty different character so I’m interested now in reading on and finding out what was up with her mother… I’m hoping we get a film sequel to since it does seem likes it’s doing really well for Netflix 🙂

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