Spring Brings the Darkling

So at least after Wanda ends while waiting for Loki I’m going to get a nice little dose of a Darkling Spring!

Netflix finally announced a Shadow and Bone date!

I was literally just thinking about an anticipated list and whether we’d get a date soon and here we are. Well it’s in April anyway! The teaser trailer is not much at all but I’ll take what I can get and here’s hoping for the longer trailer soon.

Meanwhile what’s the over/under on my other 2 anticipated shows returning next year. Stranger Things 4 is still filming but depending on how effects heavy the season is I could still see it making Fall of 2021 especially since that’s about when the show was supposed to be based.

The Witcher has had tons of delays and Henry Cavill is injured (and while they’re shooting around him) we might not see season 2 until early 2022! No!!! I would think with Disney finally launching it’s Marvel properties Netflix will want to have its two flagship shows on the air although I grant you nothing on Disney+ past Loki is really enticing me until Mando returns next Christmas!

Anyway April 2021! The Darkling! Kaz! No mourners no funerals 🙂

10 thoughts on “Spring Brings the Darkling

      1. I guess they are very aware that they need to get it right when they do another Superman film! There must be directors out there who would jump at it… Perhaps J. J. Abrams, if free from the shackles of The Rise of Skywalker-style restrictions?

      2. I’m not the biggest fan of either of these directors but Guy Ritchie or Christopher McQuarrie (if Tom Cruise ever releases him) worked really well with Cavill in the past. Hopefully Abrams is working on that Dark Justice series I heard about!

      3. It sounded to me as though Cavill previously attempted to get McQuarrie to do one and either he or WB did not go for it. Main point is I hope Cavill gets another crack, as he is a brilliant Superman, and if Justice League was the end that would be a shame.

  1. woohoo I just saw the announcement for Shadow and Bone – I’m so excited. And I’m like you, Stranger Things and The Witcher are the two shows that I’m most excited about, and I would hate major delays. Let’s cross fingers and hope for the best.

    ~ Corina | TheBrownEyedBookworm.com

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