Wandavision: Speculating, Ruminating,Theorizing

We are one week away from the first episode of Wandavision which is my most anticipated event of the year (for now anyway) so I thought let’s ruminate, speculate and theorize for a little while.

*This is spoiler free (I don’t know any, don’t want to know any) but I do talk about some casting news, character names and spec from the source materials. So if you want to go in totally blind please keep that in mind.

I think the second biggest question is where is Wanda? (Besides the obvious.)

Whatever is happening to her we can see from the bubble and the “outsiders” it has form.

So I’ve heard speculation that she’s in her own pocket reality (I mean technically…but it’s still here on Earth and physical) or interestingly…

That she’s already in the forthcoming multiverse.

I suppose that depends on how they want the multiverse to look. But we can see Monica can enter and be thrown out as well as not remember anything and it seems as though everyone else is a prisoner.

So I definitely think she’s still in a prison of someone’s making. Which leads to the big question…

Who’s doing this to you Wanda?

That seems to be the central question and I’m not exactly happy about the implications but I’ll get to that.


Could he have somehow repaired himself? Could he be influencing events unwittingly from the Mind Stone? His being behind it could be a bigger nod to the great Vision comics they are definitely taking some aesthetic influence from here.


Kathryn Hahn is playing (well probably playing who knows what they’ll change) a character whose has an interesting relationship with Wanda in the past comics and been a mentor figure at times.

I actually liked this idea in the beginning getting a powerful female villain of a sort and maybe couching it in the idea of her trying to help Wanda and losing control but ever since the second preview she seems like she’s very much a victim. It could be a really great feint though.

She’d be my second choice for being behind the whole thing.

A New Character Completely

Well new to the MCU anyway.

Evan Peters role is still unknown and (as far as I’ve seen) he hasn’t shown up in any of the trailers. I know there are rumors he’s playing Quicksilver and she’s brought him back to life but that seems so unnecessary. I like him much more as a villain that hopefully Wanda and Vision will squash like a bug in the end. Although I suppose he could totally try to convince her he’s Quicksilver.


See in the beginning it seemed that was the line they were taking. Wanda Maximoff who hasn’t been able to deal with any of her tragedies finally finds a measure of peace in a sitcom world. I like that. It meant Wanda was in control even if she wasn’t (if that makes any sense) that it was her mind and trauma and not someone else seemingly messing with said mind and adding to said trauma.

But alas its no longer being presented that way although it still could be. I know we’ll have to wait and see.

Hahn’s line in a recent trailer that ‘the star of the show’ has arrived could play either way. Either way Wanda is the one they all seem to be performing for regardless.

I suppose it’s also possible that an outsider could have started this to mess with Wanda but then she takes control of the world.

Anyway it will be nice to get some Marvel back! And to see Wanda take center stage 🙂 I love Elizabeth Olson so I have no doubts on that end but let’s hope the story and the universe do the character justice!

3 thoughts on “Wandavision: Speculating, Ruminating,Theorizing

  1. Wanda is my favorite Avenger so I’m so pumped for this. I’m happy the reviews have been positive so far because it does seem like they’re taking a huge risk with it. I’m curious if she’s in a reality she created or if someone – Agatha Harkness maybe – trapped her in one.

    1. Is it strange to hope she created it? Wanda’s been so at the mercy of other people I’d kind of like to see her at the mercy of herself if that makes any sense whatsoever 🙂

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