There’s Something in the Sky

Directed By: Andrew Patterson

Okay anything alien related or even just weird and out there and I am in right now. So I had to watch The Vast of Night about a switchboard operator and DJ in small town New Mexico who pick up some strange noises and stumble upon a possible conspiracy.

The film starts out with this Sorkin style walk and talk that’s a little hard to follow at times and goes on a bit too long but once the story gets going it really found the flow I got into it.

I admit besides the subject I was interested in this because it’s a debut film with a budget under $1 million. And I was quiet impressed with the look of it.

Okay not just her glasses although I really want them.

But the switchboard stuff, the radio station and the cars. Can you imagine not having cell phones in the event of a possible alien invasion? Anyway it’s a nice creepy undercurrent that hooks you and strings you along.

There’s a bit of an old school Amblin feel as well as nice performances from the two leads Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz.

If I was going to nitpick some more I would say I didn’t care much for the flashes to the old school television show. It didn’t go anywhere there’s also two random moments during a phone call where the screen goes absolutely black that left me more wondering if something was wrong with my television.

But otherwise it’s a nice little throwback of a movie with an ending that really surprised me.

Recommend: Yes.

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