The Flight Attendant

Meet Cassie Bowden: She drinks and makes terrible decisions and then she drinks some more to help her get through her terrible decisions. And I have to say I think Kaley Cuoco was perfect for this role because in other hands she might be maddening but I actually… love her.

I mean The Flight Attendant on HBO Max also boasts a ton of cute guys including Michiel Huisman and more importantly…

Michelle Gomez who just generally makes anything better. I won’t say a lot about her character but I love her to.

Yes so The Flight Attendant is about a hot mess who has a one night stand with what seems like the perfect guy (Huisman) and than wakes up with his dead body. As black out drunk is kind of her thing she leaves the scene of the crime and makes it back to New York where the FBI promptly winds up on her tail and she comes to realize perfect guy had a whole lot of secrets.

The Flight Attendant was a nice surprise even going in expecting to like Kaley and Michelle. The mystery really kept me guessing as did Cassie’s capacity for self-destruction and I genuinely liked all the characters in the show.

The show and Kaley is getting some awards love and I think it’s well earned even if I do kind of side-eye the comedy distinction.

I do want to say that while this show bills itself as a “dark comedy” and it does have funny moments the flashbacks to the root of Cassie’s drinking and her on-going breakdown unnerved even me. Where the hell was CPA?

Yet I also appreciated the balance in her life of good relationships and her desire to maintain them.

Also there is a B plot in this that well I imagine it will be the crux of season 2… which they did get a season 2! But they were taking a real chance with how it ends here in my opinion.

Still the show was fun and in places really moving. And it flies by. It’s a good watch if you’re looking for something besides the game this weekend or pretty much anytime.

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. I’m going to start this show next week I think, once I’ve finished Ted Lasso. I’ve adored Kaley Cuoco ever since 8 Simple Rules so I’ll watch anything she’s in!

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