Space Sweepers

Okay I’ll admit there was a part near the beginning where one of the characters (not the baddie) starts speaking English and I was like, oh my God! I understood that without the subtitles it’s all making…

No, no. They are actually speaking in English genius.

I went into Space Sweepers (directed by Jo Sung-hee) not knowing what to expect and while I admit it takes a maybe twenty minutes or so to get into it I actually wound up loving it and thinking this is a great find period not just on Netflix.

In the future a billionaire has set up an oasis in space to escape a dying Earth. Naturally only the chosen few are selected. We follow a band of misfits and their lovable robot who, like everyone not of the chosen, collect space junk and try to make money in a system set up to bleed them dry.

Until one day they find a wanted stowaway in some of said junk…

I know people are like Bubs (the robot) is their fav and definitely cool but I love the Captain (Kim Tae-ri) and Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu) hat tip too lovestruck singing Pierre however. Tae-ho (Song Joong-Ki) well he grew on me.

And I have to say hat tip for finding a kid actor (Park Ye-Rin) who is absolutely adorable and not annoying!The actors all have nice chemistry. The action is fun and the space stuff looks fantastic I’d want to go!

I also appreciate the many languages used throughout with no calling any attention to it. It just was. Space felt truly international.

The story is definitely tropey but the execution more than sells it. The only other thing I’ll pick on is that the villain definitely gets over the top at times. But everything else is so much fun and ultimately really moving and heartfelt that Space Sweepers is a definite winner.

Hell I give it a 7 out of 5!

Recommend: Yes.

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