Those Who Wish Me Dead

As a big Jon Bernthal fan, whose used to his blink and miss it roles in a lot of films, I’m happy to report he’s got a nice meaty part in this one.

So Those Who Wish Me Dead is a Taylor Sheridan movie and after Sicario, Wind River and Hell or High Water my expectations were a wee bit high. And I did wind up tempering them a bit pretty fast.

This is a fast, easy summer thriller and there’s nothing wrong with that. I liked the fast part it clocks in around an hour and forty minutes which compared to Army of the Dead’s zombie run time is pretty good.

It’s about a fire jumper (Angelina) recovering from a traumatic experience who meets a boy in the middle of his own…

He and his father are on the run from Nicholas Hoult and Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen) who were both very menacing but come on? The minute I saw him I was like oh my God Littlefinger run kid! Run!

On top of that in order to attempt to corner there prey they start a massive wildfire. So total assholes.

And it’s basically a cat and mouse survive the fire/survive the night chase movie. I was engaged and there was some nice action at the end even if I have to seriously question some of the fire elements.

Though I must admit I was happy it wasn’t infected with endless shots of animals running for their lives because that’s just unfair. Keep it to the humans after all. It’s their fault.

FYI if you’ve seen the other movies the violence doesn’t hold back. It’s mostly fast but there’s obviously the element of kid in danger and the flashbacks to Angelina’s trauma might be rough for some people too so keep that in mind. It’s quick and it doesn’t linger but it could be upsetting at the same time.

So here’s something nice to look at… 🙂

Those Who Wish Me Dead is a perfectly average summer thriller. I enjoyed it but at the same time was perfectly happy to just watch it on HBOMax one night. But I wouldn’t necessarily race out and see it in the cinema.

Still it has some nice moments.

Recommend: 50/50

If you were into it or are just looking for a film to watch give it a go. If not you aren’t missing anything.

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