The Love Hypothesis… Good Published Reylo Fic?

When I first saw this cover I was like… Why does he look familiar? And then I thought I was obviously losing it and than I found it The Love Hypothesis started out as a Reylo fanfic and realized okay, yeah…

It’s supposed to be Adam Driver.

And I was suddenly interested. Which is weird cause I love him but I’m not particularly fond of Reylo.

Olive is a young graduate student who, in order to convince her friend to date someone, is about to fall into a fake dating trope with a hot Professor with the reputation of being an asshole. Helpfully named Adam.

(And I don’t care how much of a dick he was hot, moody Professor Adam Driver would never be that unpopular.)

Ali Hazelwood actually has a PHD in neuroscience and likes writing trope romantic books in scientific settings. Which makes everything there and the academia parts (like Adam’s reasons for fake dating Olive) more realistic. This is not generally my genre of choice but I enjoyed it and it certainly seemed like she hit all the tropes.

It’s not going to set anyone’s minds on fire and honestly even though I was picturing the actors in the roles I didn’t see any Star Wars… I mean I find Daisy Ridley kind of average and boring even in my head so Olive was pretty much what I expected. But overall I enjoyed it!

And here’s the thing about fanfic from someone who used to write it as a writing exercise it’s actually a really good idea. Because unlike in real life you have an audience of people who actually want to read your work and you don’t feel guilty about it and honestly they don’t expect anything from you in return.

The feedback can be incredibly helpful in a lot of ways including just giving you the boost you need to keep going and even spread your wings more.

One of my favorite fanfics is a 100,000+ word Ned and Cat story (Love and Honor by DKNC). Yeah you got to overlook some iffy stuff at the beginning (I mean sure Varys could have gotten Ned out perhaps… but could Roslyn really have saved Cat by stitching up her neck in time?) But hey she finished the story for all the characters in a pretty decent manner which is more than I can say for Martin.

So that’s my little aside about fan fiction or stories that at least started out as such. 🙂

Also unlike so many of these novels the I didn’t hate the sex scene. I mean probably cause I was picturing Driver but still!

Recommend: Yes.

The Love Hypothesis is fun and probably a good light-hearted but still emotional at times choice for the holidays.

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  1. Oh man, Love and Honor. I think I’ve read that before. I like fan fic personally, but I always avoid “modern AU’s” when I’m reading them. So I’ve never read any of these fan fic turned novels.

  2. OMG, he does totally look like Adam Driver! I am definitely a Reylo fan and would have enjoyed Episode 9 a lot more if Rainbow Rowell had written it, but I don’t really see how either of these characters are in any way similar to Rey or Kylo… Whatevs, my mom bought this book, so I’ll probably steal it from her once she realizes it’s R-rated and doesn’t want to read it.

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