Rescue Rangers is Great Fun

Rescue Rangers Title Card

I went into this movie completely blank and without expectations (except I had always enjoyed the show when I was a kid) and consequently it’s been one of the most pure fun and enjoyable film experiences I’ve had in a while.

Andy Samberg and John Mulaney were born to be chipmunks really.

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the rescue rangers

Basically thirty years (eek) after the show got cancelled Dale is on the comic meet and greet circuit and Chip is selling insurance. They aren’t even on speaking terms thanks in large part to Dale.

But when toons start going missing…


Poor Flounder

They reunite to try to bring down a criminal kidnapping and bootlegging conspiracy. This movie can get really meta and has a lot of inside jokes so I’m not sure how much young kids are going to love it.

Especially since some of the best references are nostalgia throwbacks.

But it works.

This is a movie I put on actually thinking I could make dinner and do other things but you actually want to watch and catch the billboards and the myriad of visual references throughout. Including a Batman movie I would watch.

blended animation styles on Main Street

The cameos are abundant and honestly there were some I couldn’t believe other studios signed off on.

We also get several different animation styles amongst the live-action (some of them a little bit mockingly) but frankly they all do it better than the new She Hulk trailer. And the voice work is all well done. Though honestly not being a big John Mulaney fan myself I literally thought he sounded like… absolutely anyone.

Anyway Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers is on Disney+ and totally worth a watch even if you’ve never seen the original show! And as to that cameo at the end of the movie and the next movie they were demanding…

Yes please!

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Quite possibly the weirdest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I truly cannot believe it exists, but I guess it is the Who Framed Roger Rabbit of this generation.

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