The Princess is a Fun Summer Film

Joey King in The Princess

The Princess is basically Joey King trying her John Wick skills in medieval times- the eatery not the actual time period at least that’s the vibe I get.

This isn’t a great movie but it was a fun one especially for the summer holiday weekend and a nice cleanser after the Stranger Things finale.

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The Princess is a short action movie about a young well Princess who must take back her castle and save her family and her people after she leaves the guy her father promised her to at the alter and he has a temper tantrum.

Dominic Cooper as the big bad in The Princess

Dominic Cooper is fine as the baddie I mean he always is he’s that type of actor. But in a movie that literally throws you right into things and is pretty much nonstop action it’s a pretty underwritten vague role.

Plus I kind of agreed with him that the King is wildly ineffectual. Like if I was the King’s daughters or wife I’d be pretty annoyed. At least the one was trained to take care of things herself.

With the help of her friend and former trainer the Princess tears through the baddies. I must say I think Joey King does a really good job with the action as well as the few moments of character she gets. The action is most important however and they were smart here that for the most part I think her moves would work even against bigger often armored appointments.

Joey King as The Princess

And they did the Atomic Blonde move- injuring her (a couple of times) and making it increasingly a struggle to survive which made it all feel a bit more real. And like I said for a movie that is super quick, 90% action and never leaves the castle it moves fast and King is likable enough to carry the film.

The Princess isn’t a great film but it’s a fun one and seems perfect for a summer diversion. I overall enjoyed it very much.

Recommend: Yes.

The Princess is currently on Hulu.

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