Army of the Dead: Good Summer Zombie Fun

Why in these movies is there always a character who picks the worst possible moment to confront the “untrustworthy” possibly bad character (usually quietly with no one else around) and threatens to expose them the minute they get through this?

And I’m just thinking does it ever work out for those characters? Can’t they just keep their mouths shut until they you know, get through it?

5 Questions for Marvel

Marvel released a sizzle reel kind of trailer for phase 4 (and a celebration of movies) yesterday and while it all looks good I have some questions about recent news and just musings on the future of Marvel. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 major questions.

This post obviously talks about the trailer but also some casting news. All public so no spoilers unless you’re avoiding everything completely.

How to Nail an Adaptation: Shadow and Bone

If the unnamed HBO abomination taught me anything it’s that I am a character person at least with the stories I connect whole heartedly to so for me a great adaptation has to get the character right.

Not the look of the character either because everyone will see that differently but the spirit and oh my gosh Shadow and Bone did such a good job with that. It was beautiful.

The damned show even made me like Mal.