Once upon a time there was a little girl of maybe six or seven whose older relatives let her watch Top Gun and family legend has it she was entranced with the whole thing and especially Iceman.

Top Gun would be a favorite for years and always hold a special place in her heart so when Val debuted she was right in front of the television to watch.

Daughters of Sparta

I’ve been having some fun with the myth retellings this summer but even so this one about Helen of Troy and her sister Clytemnestra was a nice surprise. Mainly because you think you know a story fairly well and the author actually does some new things with it.

Except Agamemnon.

I’m pretty sure he’s the worst in any retelling. Maybe he’s just the biggest asshole in the whole Troy mess.

It Was Not Harley’s Fault… A Rant

So The Suicide Squad disappointed at the box office (which kind of surprises me) and now everybody has to give a reason why and one of the worst reasons I saw in several places is Harley Quinn.

I’ve heard that she’s overexposed and that Birds of Prey devalued her. And now the controversial opinions I was working is going to turn into a rant about that and D.C. overall my apologies ahead of time for any swearing. It’s been a trying week and now this shit.

The Suicide Squad: One Wild RIde

When I first heard the cast list I was like Polka-Dot Man? Ratcatcher? Oh dear. They ended the movie as my two favorites (outside of Harley of course but I’ll get to her). I think that might have been the nicest part after a run of mediocre films.

It wound up being The Suicide Squad that I was never once bored and looking at the clock and it did it by actually making me care about the characters (love them or hate them) I actually teared up in this movie damn it.

A Quiet Place 2: Spoilers, Beards & Box Babies

I wonder if the monster hesitated before eating the guy who was standing at the half open garage door yelling, “Where is it? Where did it go?”

I mean maybe it thought oh no, this must be a trap because it can’t be that easy. But nope. No, it really was. And was I the only one who was surprised neither Evelyn or her kid got Cillian Murphy killed? I mean he was bleeding pretty bad but all things considered he’s doing better than I thought for most of the movie.