Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Social Media Accounts


So Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish & this week is bookish accounts to follow on social media.

I attempted to narrow mine down to my very favorites and ones that I keep going back to again and again also I’m just not on a lot of social media. Hence instead of a top ten a top five!

In no particular order:

A Book Utopia

This is Sasha Alsberg’s Youtube channel and really one of my fun favorites. The girl has energy that I would pay for I swear. A lot of times on her stuff I have to try to get through the energy to what I might really like. But seriously her videos are just fun. She’s a bit younger than me but I’d certainly recommend her to younger readers or kids who want to see the fun you can have reading.

Feminist Fiction

I actually first found Rhiannon Thomas’ website when I was looking for good writing about Game of Thrones. It’s a great site for all kinds of things; television, movies, gaming. Obviously she’s looking at things from a certain angle but when she does put up book reviews they’re usual “issue” type books and I’ve always found that I’ve appreciated and enjoyed reading them.

I still have to get around to reading her two books but I totally have them on my list!

Kassidy Voinche

This is another Book Tube person and I admit at first I wasn’t as big into her videos but I really think she puts up more reviews them some of the videos I’ve seen (hauls are always fun and stuff but I really want to hear about the books.) I also think she’s a bit better than most for getting through the hype and being like, yeah, I didn’t enjoy this as much as everyone else.

Great Imaginations

I’ve played their Story Sprites board games before and overall this is just a really solid website. They have some good features but for the most part this is another one where I think they’re a bit better than most at not falling into the new release; I got it early and for free so of course I love it hype!

They also tend to review some “older” books or not very new releases that fell through the cracks for me.

Okay, last ones kind of a cheat…

Impression Blend

Marianna is a Youtuber who is really more a movie reviewer at this point. But if you look back through her channel she’s got a ton of great book reviews on there and (with the exception of her horror stuff) I feel like I’ve watched enough of her reviews to know that we have kind of the same taste.

More than a few books I’ve read in the last couple months came from her old videos (and she still does book hauls). And her movie reviews are pretty spot on as well.

So that is my list of the social media accounts I tend to check out more than others!

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