10 Love (and Life) Lessons I Took from Books

Harley and Batman

*It’s possible that I’ve learned some of the wrong lessons from books. Regardless books always help me feel better in a pinch. This is inspired by Top Ten Tuesdays hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. I am not all the big into Valentine’s Day or the most romantically inclined person overall but this is what came to mind!


Words can be regretted and forgiven but never truly taken back.

big little lies

Never judge people. Sometimes the shinier the facade the bigger the mess behind it.


If you’re gonna lose at least you can make them sorry they won.


Not everyone’s happily ever after includes marriage. Sometimes it’s friendships and business opportunities.

my lady jane

If your ex moves on first you can always content yourself by playing a game of what animal does their new partner turn into at night.

Harley Quinn the new 52

Move on from mistakes and never keep give up trying for happiness. You deserve it.


Get the answers. Never turn away from the truly big questions… especially when it’s a strange alien area controlled by the government that did something weird to your husband.

this savage song

Actions have consequences. Also if you idolize and live to impress a bigger monster than the actual monsters you may want to take a step back and consider your life choices.

vassa in the night

Keep your word and always try to be there to pick up the pieces of a friend and put them back together again. Even if that means literally. Though I hope it never means literally.



Most importantly never forget to accept and love yourself.

These are just some of the things I’ve taken and used from books over the years. Some good, some maybe not so good :), but make me feel better. I hope everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day!