Minotaurs, Hamburger Gods & New to Me Book Finds

helen and troy's epic road quest

One of my goals this year was to just hit the bookstore and find books I had never heard of that jump out at me. I found some good books in January although the results of the actual reads have been pretty mixed. Of the latest batch to go on my TBR that I’ve actually read is this one about a Minotaur girl, a hamburger God, an Orc biker gang and a old-fashioned modern day quest.

Helen is supposed to be a sacrificed when Troy interrupts and the person doing the sacrificing gets offed instead. Then Helen (whose actually a Minotaur) and Troy (whose perfect) must go on a Quest for him. Helped along by the Bureau of Quests and chased down by an Orc bicycle gang- lead by a man called Nigel whose not really big on killing anyone.

I enjoyed this one. Far more up my alley. Helen and Troy are both strangely realistic leads. They’re smart. I like how they dealt with the growing attraction to each other. And Helen’s horns and fur.

I mean we’ve all been self-conscious around people we like but being terrified of getting rained on cause you’re going to smell like wet dog is really sad.

The mix of magic and legends and the modern world works well to. The only thing was I kept seeing the Agent in charge of the Bureau as Agent Caulson.

Recommend: Yes. It’s a funny quick read if you aren’t looking for anything to deep.

Some other new to me books for the old TBR:

Fourth Dimension

Fourth Dimension by Eric Walters

I was super into the cover but didn’t realize at first that this is part of a series. So be warned about that. This one is about a young girl called Emma and her family trying to survive a massive blackout.

the burial society

The Burial Society by Nine Sadowsky

It seems we have one woman who helps make people in trouble disappear and another young woman who experiences a death (murder?) that opens up all kinds of questions into her past. I must say what I picked up in the store was more about the woman who makes people disappear that interested me.


Adultolescence by Gabbie Hanna

This is a book of poetry and drawings about that time period when you aren’t quiet either. It looked fascinating and read relatable. But to be honest that was the issue- you have enough time in Barnes and Noble and can find it you can probably read (at least most) of it there in the store.

Impossible Saints

Impossible Saints by Clarissa Harwood

Another cover that called to me… This one is about Lilia, a militant suffragette, and Paul whose an Anglican Priest who fall in love but needless to say want different things and have quite different outlooks on life.

Hate List

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Now this is one when I read the subject matter I thought- people might really not want this right now. But it’s about a girl whose involved in a school shooting. The shooter was a friend and she actually saves someone and is shot but it eventually comes out that the shooter might have been going off a hate list that she wrote. It still sounds interesting to me but I can certainly understand why people wouldn’t want to read it these days.

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