Farewell February: T’Challa, Endless Books & Nostalgia Watching

february wrap-up

So February went pretty quick, huh? Overall it was a good month. I was able to visit friends and family and I read… a lot again. Black Panther came out and broke a ton of records. Fergie’s whole National Anthem thing was worth a laugh on-line. I think the Super Bowl happened. I don’t really pay attention. 🙂


february books #1

february books #2

I read 18 books in February including three graphic novels and a short story (Rip Van Winkle) which was included in the February Page Habit box.

I finished the Daughter of Smoke and Bones series this month!!!! Holy shit! I finished a series. Overall I enjoyed it but that being said I probably won’t bother with the novella. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe is probably the standout. Though I also enjoyed Borne and Hunted was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

I can’t believe I had never even heard of The Phantom Tollbooth before I read about it on Orangutan Librarian’s  blog. I really enjoyed the story of a young boy and his companions trying to rescue Rhyme and Reason!

In other reading news I’ve become fascinated by the art of stories and how they can help people deal with things but more about that at another time.


february movie diary

I watched 9 movies this month. 10 if you count The Shape of Water which I DNF’ed and won’t bother to rate. I also didn’t rate Winchester. Not much to say about it. It was there and if you ever get the chance to visit the Winchester House it’s interesting.

Annihilation and Black Panther were the definite standouts. There’s a lot of films I didn’t catch in theaters releasing on DVD this month and a couple of theaters films I’m looking forward to: Red Sparrow, Gringo and Tomb Raider among them. I don’t think any of them are going to rewrite the book on movie making but I’m pretty much just looking for entertaining escapism these days. 🙂 Hopefully I can catch them all.


Pretty much the last couple of months I’ve been rewatching shows that I love. Some of them I can recite lines from at this point. I’ve gotten into Doctor Who again. My favorite Doctor was always 9 with Donna and Amy tied for my favorite companion although Martha has a streak of some of the best episodes.

amelia pond meets the tardis
Amy Pond meets the Tardis

The Walking Dead came back. I wouldn’t say I’m hate watching it at this point but my brother and I have a bet on whether or not they eventually cut Daryl’s hair or let him turn into Cousin It.

Jessica Jones drops on Netflix this March and then Westworld Season 2 is right around the corner so hopefully things will look up for new television. (And everything else…) Happy March!





11 thoughts on “Farewell February: T’Challa, Endless Books & Nostalgia Watching

  1. It’s so sad I couldn’t find anybody that had heard of this and we’ve always considered ourselves big readers :/ I’m buying a copy for my nephew though so I’ll fix that for him!

  2. Haha, February was indeed quite a month! Oh lord, your reading month was certainly a productive one. Congrats! Oh, and I see you’ve watched Inception- what are your thoughts on it? (also, holy HELL, I really freaking need to watch black panther I’ve just had the busiest time and I can’t watch it for another while :((( )
    Great post! Here’s to an even greater March 💛

  3. 18 books and 9 movies!!!!! impressive!!!
    i want to read daughter of smoke and bone this month… keep putting it off for ages 😂
    I’m kind of stuck this weekend cuz of all the snow, so i think I’m gonna give it a go

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