Going for My O.W.L.S: Magical Readathon!

Hermione Granger

I couldn’t pass up a chance to get my O.W.L’s! One of my favorite Youtubers G at Book Roast is hosting a Magical Readathon this month on her channel and over on Twitter (@MagicalReadthn) in which you read for your O.W.L.s

I have a total of eight that I’m going for and I’ll add more if any of the other books I read fit into the topics. (I know. I know…)

Transfiguration- Read a book with a Cat on the Cover

the trials of morrigan crow

I’ve wanted to read this for a while and apparently this cat is magical and talks!

Muggle Studies- Muggle Non-Fiction

Slice Harvester

A memoir in pizza. This guy apparently tasted cheese pizza from every pizza place in New York City or something. I don’t know. I wouldn’t have been able to stop at cheese.

History of Magic- Read an Historical Fiction

love and ruin

Also jump up and down when you get approved for an arc about Hemingway and Martha Gelhorn from one of your favorite writers!

Herbology: a book with a nature related word on the cover

Wicked Like a Wildfire

This is on my Read me in the Spring Time list anyway!

Charms: Read a Fantasy


I’ve been so insanely excited for this one!

Care of Magical Creatures- Read a book with an animal on the cover

hannah green and her unfeasibly mundane existence

A snake counts right? Especially because I think this one is the snake…

Astronomy- Sci-Fi

Defy the Worlds

Okay, seeing as how I love sci-fi I currently have any one of a number of options for this one but it will probably be Defy the Worlds by Claudia Gray. The sequel to Defy the Stars which will hopefully not only meet the sci-fi requirement but fulfill my huge AI kick right now.

Arithmacy- Read a book with a number on the cover

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

I’m excited to finally read this one!

Defense against the Dark Arts: About or including some sort of secret society

the humans

Mostly what I know about this one is it’s about an alien assassin so I would imagine he wants that to stay a secret.

And lastly there are the O.W.L options that I couldn’t find picks for…

Ancient Runes: Read a book with a symbol on the cover

Divinations: A book that features a prophecy

Alchemy: a book about potions

Hopefully something I pick up this month will have the required elements or I might not go full Hermione and just read the ones I’ve already picked!




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  1. I can’t wait to read Defy The Worlds!! I haven’t read any Madeline Miller, but I’m starting The Song of Achilles soon and I’m so excited.

    1. Oh… I’ve had The Song of Achilles on my list forever! Hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to what you think of it. Something about Circe just draws me in though.

    I didn’t know she wrote another book, I just finished Song of Achilles last night (at…..2 am…..) I wonder if it’s going to be as good??? i’m looking it up.
    this is an amazing list <3

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