RIP It or SHIP It: TV Character Edition

rip it or ship it tv edition

This tag was created by Emmmasbooks on Youtube. It was originally for books but I pretty much did the same thing writing out some of my favorite television characters and pulling them from a mug and let me tell you… I’m a pretty good matchmaker.

Or perhaps I should have picked some characters that I don’t like.

In order of the pull…

Doctor Who (9 is my Doctor) & Cat Stark

I ship it. He tends to forgive us our human mistakes and I don’t know any character that could use a time machine more than Catelyn.

Jeyne (Firefly) & April Ludgate (Parks and Recreations)

This would be fun just for the quips, the sarcasm and I think she would totally own him. I ship it.

Ron Swanson & Brienne of Tarth

 I ship it. He loves his women strong. She could handle his ex-wife and this way I get Jaime. I think she’d appreciate his ability to give her independence and treat her like a Queen.

Sheldon Cooper & Michonne

Poor Michonne! I could ship this in The Big Bang World not so much in Walker World. Michonne would have a hell of a time keeping him safe. Of course Sheldon has proven he’s good at getting people to take care of him. He’s less annoying and more adaptable than Eugene. So I’m 50/50 on this one.

Jaime Lannister and Dolores

I get some book Cersei vibes from Dolores although probably saner and definitely smarter so yeah, Jaime would like her. From the looks of season two however she might not keep him alive long enough. But no. I gonna RIP this one. He needs to stay far away from anything that remotely reminds him of his sister.

(Though with Thrones in the can or about to be I’d be thrilled to see Nikolai Coster-Waldau show up on Westworld for Season 3. Hint, hint HBO!)

Man in Black & Frank Castle (Punisher)

I actually think Frank is way to moralistic for him. He’d be horrified at what he did to Dolores and the others. Frank does love rescuing women. Although they would be a fun team I’m going to have to RIP this one.

Tom Haverford & Amy Pond

Tom should be so lucky! He’d worship her yes and she’d probably have fun for a little while but he’d never do what Rory did for her and I just can’t forget Rory. Have a fling but overall I Rip it.

Karen (The Punisher) & Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I so ship it for the beautiful hair alone! Both are loyal and brave. Karen might be good at taking care of herself but she does tend to get into a ton of trouble Buffy could probably help her with. Also they would understand each other’s friends. I could also ship Buffy with Woll’s former True Blood character Jessica- that would work just as well.

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) & CJ (West Wing)

Later years Spike of course. I ship this one honestly. Spike just wanted to be loved and he’d probably do whatever CJ told him. I was happy with who she wound up with on The West Wing (I shipped that actually) but you never know- maybe she wants a vampire on the side?

Teddy (Westworld) & Carol (The Walking Dead)

Oh my God! I ship this one! Teddy is a sweetheart who likes strong women and Carol could use some happiness in her life- if he dies she could simply bring him back on-line. He may be a host but he neither talks like he’s in Shakespeare and he’s acquainted with scissors and personal hygiene so she deserves this!

Last one…

Shane (The Walking Dead) & Maeve (Westworld)

So torn. On the one hand I want nothing but good things for Maeve. On the other she could probably easily manipulate him into doing what she needed him to do and then off him. So there’s that. But I got to RIP this one. Maeve deserves someone stable at least.





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  1. Fun tag! Cat DOES need a time machine! Sheldon and Michonne is interesting, but maybe it could work? But yeah not in zombieland, probs. Jaime and Dolores actually could be interesting! Karen and Buffy are an interesting combo… I like Karen, I hope we keep seeing more of her.

  2. Sheldon and Michonne!! Ha ha! I could only IMAGINE!! I can just imagine Sheldon walking through a horde of Walkers complaining about them while Michonne hacks them to pieces before they kill him and he doesn’t even notice!! 😂😂

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