My Patience was in the Water

Something in the Water

Something in the Water

By: Catherine Steadman

Grade: C

Two newlyweds who find something in the water on their perfect tropical honeymoon and everything goes to shit after that because that’s what happens when you find something in the water. It’s rarely something pleasant.

I will say I listened to this on Scribed and the chapters were way off. Also I gave points for the audio because after going back and forth in the beginning I thought Steadman did a fantastic job- I just didn’t like Erin.

Great opening tease.

Get to the point- or at least get to the water…

(It took a long, long, long time to get to the bloody water!)

Really Mark? Did you just tell your fiancé who was trying to help that it would be better if she was a whore because at least she’d know when to shut up because you lost your little job and don’t want to do anything beneath you!

(Mark is not that interesting a character which is probably good because I pretty much despised him from this point on and I actually do believe Erin did need to shut-up at times!)

Get to the water!

The water!

The water!

Finally, they’ve found something! We’re getting somewhere.


Okay, now we’re getting a long thing at dinner that I don’t care about and now okay, they’re opening…

(Not yet…)

Ugh. Apparently they got drunk and Erin’s showering and doesn’t remember anything. There’s nothing to remember Erin you guys are pretty boring and now she’s injured herself on whatever they used…


Well, that was anti-climatic. I don’t know why you’re vomiting all over the place dummy.

And that was probably my main problem with Something in the Water. It took forever to get where it was going and there were no real surprises. In fact the only thing that surprised me was a different ending than I thought (wanted) after an epic tease that felt like a bit of a cop-out.

I think maybe if I looked at this more like a character piece than a thriller/mystery it might have been more enjoyable. Of course I didn’t like any of the characters so probably not.

Still I think mysteries/thrillers are the rare books where you can dislike the characters and not have that really affect the book.

I also learned that unabridged apparently means unedited because there was a lot of information in here and random stuff that could have been dumped including this whole terrorism/girl takes off to Syria plot that could have been dumped. Erin was annoying realistic. It’s a good pass the time no surprises thriller and like I said the author actually made the audio book more enjoyable once she finally, finally got into the crux of the story!

Recommend: Overall no. There’s got to be better thrillers out there!

10 thoughts on “My Patience was in the Water

  1. Really loved this review – thank you for breaking it down in such a creative and entertaining way. Haven’t read the book and certainly won’t after this. Cheers, Brian

  2. Oh dear, I think this sort of book would frustrate me as well. I could forgive a plot hole or some iffy story line as long as I’m emotionally invested with its characters. And when it’s neither… it’s a let down for me for sure.

  3. Yeah but it sounds like this COULD have been good, darn it! 🙂 I mean something in the water… that’s got possibilities. Sorry to hear this one was a little lackluster…

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