Germs, Television Wins & a lot of Books

august recap

I love getting to spend time with my nephew and since he started school I don’t see him as much but man every time I do I wind up sick. It’s as though sometimes when he’s hanging off me I can actually see the germs.

I think there’s something worse about summer colds. It’s like the whole world is so damned bright and you just want to crawl under the covers.

I actually was pretty reasonable with my book buying last month. I did some organizing instead. Which is good because upcoming releases this Fall… well, good-bye paycheck on October 2nd alone!


Needless to say I didn’t go to the movies since The Meg but again there’s a bunch of stuff upcoming so I’m telling myself I’m saving up.

letterbox august

I rewatched Snow White and the Huntsman for Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron whose great in that role. Furiosa aside I think I like Theron best when she’s being wicked.

I also love Laggies I finally just caved and bought it and then realized its on Netflix. Anyway it has Sam Rockwell and one of my favorite little movie make out sessions.


Holy crap I watched some good tv this month! I finished up the first season of the Last Airbender and will definitely be continuing. I think I actually love every single character in that show.

Matt Smith as Prince Phillip

Also developed a bit of a crush on Matt Smith and fell in love with The Crown – an honest opinion while I liked Smith as Doctor Who my Doctor will always be Nine (Christopher Eccleston) and while Amy Pond is my favorite companion I think the best companion season was Donna. But that’s a post for another day!

I wasn’t entirely in love with Sharp Objects but damn the acting was amazing especially in the finale! Assuming Patricia Clarkson and Eliza Scanlen both go for Supporting Actress I won’t be able to decide. They should split it down the middle.

Eliza Scanlen in Sharp Objects
Queen of the Underworld

Also halfway through Killing Eve with Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer which is another winner so far.


I did finish 21 books this month. Standouts include:


I also enjoyed Little Fires Everywhere, The Accidentals (by Sabrina Bowen), The Rebel Waves and The Light Fantastic (Discworld.) As well as participating in Classicsathon which I really enjoyed.

Like I said earlier so many good books are coming! I hope everyone enjoys the last days of summer 🙂

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  1. I need to read the Cheerleaders here at some point for sure. And sharp Objects looks delightfully twisted. 🙂

    Also need to see the Meg yet too.

  2. Great article! Sorry about you getting sick. That’s not so great, but at least you got to catch up on some great TV.

    I agree with your thoughts on Sharp Objects. I liked it a lot and thought it was a great adaptation. I think cause the material had such a dark feel that it was hard to really love it completely. Although, the acting was top notch and I expect to see a lot of nominations when the Golden Globes are announced.

    I really want to read Little Fires Everywhere. I am such a fan of Celeste Ng book Everything I Never Told You.

    Feel better!

    1. Oh, I completely forgot about the Globes. I definitely expect all three women!
      I wound up enjoying Little Fires Everywhere but for some reason I was absolutely convinced it was set in the 60s. (Who knows why?) A bit confused when they started name-dropping Clinton and Reno. Really good though!

      1. I agree, such memorable performances!

        I want to read Little Fires Everywhere before the Hulu series starts. Oh, well her other book Everything I Never Told You was set in the 70s, if I remember correctly. Maybe that’s why? LoL.

  3. 21 books! Wow!
    I loved Little fires as well 🙂

    I’m planning to watch Sharp Objects too. Just waiting for the BF to return from holiday 😀

  4. I hope you’ve recovered from your cold, a cold in the summer must have been frustrating! I’m sure it made it easier to get some reading done. 😉

    Only a few episodes in on Sharp Objects, but it seems the actress who plays Amma has played her to perfection. Everything I imagined and more. 👏

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