Contemplating Changing Opinions & Blogging Life

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So at the end of September I will have had this blog for 4 years. I was looking back over old posts to see if my opinions had changed about anything. I reread a couple of books I’ve loved in the past. I rewatched a bunch of movies. Probably the big one this year I’ve tried the whole audio book thing again.

My first go around with audio books was in 2016 and wasn’t a raging success. In fact I decided they weren’t for me. I went back earlier this year to finish the one I had never and something just clicked. I can’t even explain it.

I think one problem where before I would simply sit and listen to them like I would read a physical book and my mind would drift it actually helps if I am doing something else and I retain better than I would otherwise. So I can listen to them sometimes at work and when I walk that’s made a huge difference. I also joined and was surprised they actually have a  really good selection.

I suppose I’m an audio book convert now as well.

In a lot of ways I haven’t changed my opinions on previous books or films but in some they’ve been modified…

Like I liked Spiderman: Homecoming a little bit more when I rewatched it at home- but I was fast forwarding through the parts that weren’t doing anything for me. I think that’s normal. I’m looking forward to rewatching Ant-Man and the Wasp soon without the obnoxious theater crowd.

I gave some classics a try and have had enough luck that I’m beginning to wonder if required reading didn’t ruin my love of classics forever? In fact I’m very glad I read especially Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice. I’ve been going back and forth on whether I’m going to participate in Victober but excuse me while I also when about how long Victorian novels are!

Regardless I definitely think I’ve gotten a lot better about reading outside my box. I have a couple of translated novels on my Kindle I’m hoping to get into soon.

I reread the Harry Potter series but while I picked up somethings and I look at the characters differently with the years Harry Potter is like Taylor. Pretty sure I’m always going to love that world and return to it when I need it the most which really is the beauty of Harry Potter.

Whereas I need to accept that there are some popular authors like Sarah J. Maas who just aren’t for me. I don’t regret reading ACOTAR series and I did enjoy them while I read them…

Which leads to the point I am definitely trying to get better on the whole impulse buying based on hype thing!

Any other changed opinions?

I did sign up for Twitter which is something I once told myself never, ever, ever would I do. I mean I never know what to write in a Tweet and I’m not sure how to link (I’m Book Beach Bunny over there to) so I’m not sure how well I’m actually doing on that! But it did inspire me to (attempt) to start using Goodreads right which is also something I once said I wasn’t interested in.

Looking back with the exception of audio books my opinions on specific things (books or movies) haven’t changed that much. But I do think and really appreciate what blogging has helped me do is expand my horizons. From all the lovely bloggers I’ve learned about and tried books, films and shows that I never would have heard of otherwise.