Mini-Review Wrap-Up: Halloween Reads Edition

fake blood

Fake Blood

By: Whitney Gardner

Grade: A

I thought I’d do quick mini-reviews of the rest of my “Halloween” reading as I throw myself into non-fiction/sci-fi November because there were some interesting reads. See Fake Blood. Which is completely my kind of relationship drama.

Our main character has a crush on a girl obsessed with vampires so naturally he pretends to be one. (Complete with fake blood and of course sparkly glitter.) Unfortunately for him said girl loves vampires because she wants to be a slayer. Hijinks.

This one is young and sweet and every character is absolutely adorable. Loved that AJ’s a big reader- seriously his room has a wall of books and loved that he steals his sisters books. Nice friendships and great relationship with his big sis.

Oh, the art is somewhere under the usual bubblegum bright colors I like in my graphic novels but it’s still colorful, pretty and feels sweet and old-school at the same time.

Recommend: Yes. This would also be a cute gift for a younger sibling or kid around 10-15 or so that want to try out graphic novels.

toil and trouble

Toil & Trouble

Grade: C

Short story anthologies are somewhat hard to review. There were some stories I liked like “The Moonapple Menagerie,” and the story about the soul-stealer but overall this collection just didn’t agree with me. There was just so much bloody love.

What I remember most about this collection was when one girl got the soulmate of her dreams, “I like hippo,” was automatically tattooed into her skin.

I like hippo. I guess it had childhood memories involved or something but all I could think was not even for Tom Hardy himself would I let that be carved into my skin.

Recommend: Overall pass. Though there are maybe three or four stories that I enjoyed.



By: Christopher Golden

Grade: C+

People making bad decisions in caves. Unlike The Anomaly these people do it in a blizzard and actually have a good idea what they may have unearthed.

I sat on this one for a really long time for Halloween under the promise of well, fear. It kind of fell flat. Interesting ideas and I love this kind of biblical/religious debate even if its out there. Plus there’s a good survival sequence on the mountain.

But most characters were barely touched upon and the two that were- Adam and Miriam- didn’t like either of them quiet frankly. Which might not be a problem for some people. Also there’s a point where we learn some interesting information and I was immediately like, “I know how this is ending,” and I was right!

Plus this one is a little gorier than I usual fly although the gore parts were quick.

Recommend: Eh. I lean toward yes but keep your expectations in check on the horror factor. Mostly for the end sequence on the mountain.

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  1. Ooh Ararat- I remember wondering about that one, it looked kinda cool. Seems like I heard it was just okay though, and that the characters maybe weren’t super developed or likable. Combined with your thoughts I might give it a miss, but I like the idea.

    Fake Blood sounds fun though. 🙂

  2. I thought Ararat would be something i should check out. By the time i finished your review was like “ah, ok, dodged that one” 😀

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