Thrones Theories: Predictions for the Final Season!

jon at the heart tree

One of the most fun things about the world of Westeros is the theorizing. And with the show coming to an end I thought I’d look at some of the most popular theories- where they fall in the show and what the show may say about their fates in the books.

This is all in good fun but I know people are particularly passionate about both the show and the books. So I will say my heart as always is with the book world. I still believe we will get Winds of Winter one day. So don’t burst that bubble please! 🙂

tyrion in game of thrones

Tyrion is a Targaryen

This is perhaps my least favorite book theory. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Tyrion is Tywin’s son from top to bottom. Oh, I know you can make the argument it wouldn’t really change their relationship and there’s definitely nature vs. nuture essays that could be written. But I think it’s still a cop-out and an excuse and if he is in the book I’ll hate it!

Luckily it looks like the show has killed this.  They could pull something out of their ass for shock but they usually like to go bigger and I don’t believe an ounce of groundwork as been laid for this one in the show…

The Twin’s are Targs

In the books it makes more sense from the time line and one can see how the love of incest and fire would lead people to believe that but I feel the same way as with Tyrion. And I think the show isn’t touching this one either.

I think this theory is dead and the Lannisters are all Lannisters.

jaime lannister in season 8

Bronn is in love with Jaime

Okay, okay this is show only to explain why Bronn is still hanging around with him and even going so far as to save him from dragon fire in the hopes that he gets what he’s owed. We’re talking about the same guy that rightly told Tyrion that even if he beat the Mountain Tyrion couldn’t pay him so it wasn’t worth it. Jaime hasn’t paid him yet and apparently Cersei took back that castle and bride… so nothing else makes sense!

I don’t know. It’s a tongue in check theory. I used to love Bronn but he outlived his purpose about four hundred dick jokes ago yet this could make it all work. I mean if something happens to Brienne maybe the two of them could go be sell swords in the Free Cities together?

I consider this theory still in play in the show 🙂

Bran in Game of Thrones

Bran will warg a dragon

Oh please show, do something with Bran besides what’s been happening. Anything. At this point it could be the easiest way to get poor Viserion out of play. I mean if that’s how the Night King is riding him it could work. Bran could literally take control and fly him into the walls of Winterfell or something (probably a bad idea itself) but it could kill a lot of birds.

Sadly I don’t think the show will do it.

As to the books?

Honestly, I think all theories are still in play where the dragons are concerned. She may very well lose one. Perhaps even North of the Wall but there are so many other things set up including FAegon and the Greyjoy brothers that I think its impossible to say what will happen.

But I do think the show will tell us the final fate of the dragons. If she still has them at the end of the books or if they’re destined to die with the others.

Speaking of Dany…

dany game of thrones

Dany will go Mad Queen.

I have a lot of feelings about this one because on the one hand I do see where this one is coming from but on the other hand I feel like some (some not all) of the people who love this theory just want yet another excuse for Jon’s apparently perfect ass to take her throne.

Considering some of the remarks Emilia Clarke has made I think this one is going to be left up for interpretation by the fans in the show.

I don’t think she’s going to go mad in the books but I hope if we ever get any end from Martin it’s a definitive one on her for better or worse.

cersei lannister in game of thrones

Jaime is the Valonqar

So of course in the books Cersei is convinced by the Maggy the Frog prophecy that her death will be at the hands of her little brother. She believes that’s Tyrion (and its not like she hasn’t given him reason) while it’s probably the most popular belief that it will be Jaime that offs her in the end.

This is one of those book theories that I don’t want to be true and there are some good arguments that several people’s “little brothers” would already like to kill her. See I’ve always thought it being Tyrion would be the one thing she got right in the end.

Plus show Jaime and Cersei are so wildly different from their book versions that I don’t know if you can even compare them anymore.

Unfortunately I think the show is circling back around to what will likely be their final book fate and she’s going to die at Jaime’s hands. But up until the very end of last season show Jaime has taken so much shit from her and only doubled down on his love and he thinks she’s pregnant so what could make him snap is the real question…

Jaime being the valonquar in the show might say as much about Brienne’s fate as anything.

And yeah on this one I think if he kills her in the show he’s going to kill her in the books.

Either way the premiere is next weekend and in a few weeks we’ll know all the answers! And then of course the fun part of debating them, picking them apart and the deciding whether we hated or loved them! 🙂






37 thoughts on “Thrones Theories: Predictions for the Final Season!

  1. Woot! I love these kindsa posts! Okay I’ve never liked the Tyrion as a Targ theory either. Hate it.

    I’ve actually never heard the twins as Targs theory, or if I did I ignored it lol. Please no. 🙂

    Ah Bran and warging. SO complicated in the books. On the show I can totally see him doing it, they have to make him matter in a BIG way. Why not take out or take over a dragon? In the books… ergh. I’m kinda scared to see what the show will tell us about the dragons’ fates because then I’m like- is that how the books will go??!?

    I think Dany will flirt w/ Mad Queen in both books and show but will resist in both. In the show I think her and Jon need to live or die together. In the books I have no idea. Of course I think Martin may absolutely give us Dany dying to save everyone at the end, but who knows?

    The valonqar stuff has never appealed to me that much so I honestly don’t know. If I HAD to guess I would say Jaime kills her to save KL or whatever, just like he had to with Aerys. Then he goes north to be Ser Lancelot against the walkers haha.

    I can’t believe it’s a week away!!!!!

    1. I think the thing with Cersei is I just can not fathom her surviving as long as she has in the show in the books and Jaimes been so far away from his book character for so long… After season 7 I’m completely convinced they gave her Aegon’s story so I think she’ll be dead or at the very least out of power for a while by the time everything moves North.

      The poor dragons! I’m not the biggest fan of the Greyjoy brothers in the book (or show Euron) but I do feel robbed we didn’t get Victoran and the horn. I don’t think he’ll actually get Viserion but if he doesn’t do something completely nuts and probably deadly I’ll be stunned!

      1. What do you think of the whole “eldritch apocalypse” theory where Euron blows the Horn to bring the Wall down, and/ or summons a huge kraken/ Drowned God avatar by sacrificing his fleet? Have you read that theory? The show of course couldn’t go ther but I wonder if GRRM will, in some form…

      2. I definitely think Euron’s going to bring down the wall. I think that whole thing will be much more cataclysmic in the book. I could also totally see him sacrificing his fleet. Basically any theory about Euron doing something batshit crazy and catastrophic I could buy. 🙂
        The only thing is I don’t think he’ll get a dragon to then again he seems involved in so much of the magic side of the story who can say?

  2. I am sure David and Dan will mess Dany up somehow in favor of Jon so either dies in child birth or goes insane and they have to kill her

    1. I’m expecting at least several speeches from multiple characters about how Jon’s the better choice and really deserves it. Hell I wouldn’t even be surprised if Jorah says that!

  3. Oh, i didn’t know these theories! Quite interesting, and possibly creative solutions for sure!
    I’d defo enjoy Bran possessing a dragon 😀

      1. You’re not such a fan of book Jamie as TV Jamie? I suppose he hasn’t pushed against Cersei’s constraints as much yet in the books.

      2. Actually I’m a bigger fan of book Jaime as a character than TV Jaime although I love the performance. His book arc just always makes me think of the Dany line If I look back now I’m lost. I always just think keep going forward Jaime don’t go back to her but you’re right I think he’s on a collision course with fate there 🙂
        Of course he’s got to get out of Stonehearts clutches and the seventh level of hell that is book Riverlands first!

      3. Lady Stoneheart is a character I really wish that was in the TV show! I guess it means that she isn’t that important to the overall plot, but she and her band of ‘merry-men’ are a fantasticly dark part of the books.

      4. The most recent comments from Martin have been that she’s the one he wishes they most kept and she will be important. (I have to hang onto that cause Cat was a favorite character of mine!) Even with bringing them back though the show hasn’t done anything with Beric or the brotherhood so its impossible to say what goes on with them.
        At least that’s what I’m telling myself 🙂

  4. I was just watching GRRM Southbank documentary which featured Neil Gaiman today, and Neil was talking about the pressure on Martin to finish WoW and they started playing a song along the lines of “not your bitch,” and I couldn’t help but laugh. Either way, if and when he does release it, I think we’re in safe hands, it might take a long time to be finished, but Martin will deliver us a good quality book.

    Seen the Tyrion is a Targ theory around and the dates surrounding Aerys and Joanna, but I think Martin is just toying around with us. Tyrion is Tywin’s son through and through.

    I think Bronn’s plot will surround his loyalties v money like we saw in the Field of Fire, he abandons money/loot to go and take down Drogon. Bronn doesn’t care about loyalty, so Tyrion/Jaime will have to offer him something this season. I don’t think he’ll be just hanging around. At least I hope there’ll be something about money!

    I’ll be slightly furious if Bran doesn’t warg a dragon, although I do think he can, but how much has he been able to harness his warging abilities? Warging a dragon is an entirely different level to warging into Hodor.

    I don’t think Dany will go full mad Queen, but I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t do at least something… crazy. That’s what makes her such an interesting character. She is a good person, she really is trying, but here and there she does some questionable things. Either way, even with all those crazy actions, I wouldn’t change her because it’s so great to see such a complex female character!

    Jon definitely isn’t perfect, but my goodness, he is hard not to love. Even Cersei lowkey likes him and trusts him. Cersei.

    It would be fun if it really was Tyrion and she was right all along… the one thing she was right about! It would be more fun viewing if it was Tyrion. Both brothers being king/queenslayers.

    If Jaime dies… can we hope for Tormund and Brienne? The show did something magical with that.

    14 minutes to go!!!!! Happy Game of Thrones day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It seems like a strange pick for Cersei/Qyburn to hire Bronn to kill them. I mean I know they aren’t watching the show like we are 🙂 but you’d think they’d find another assassin or wait and use the Mountain.

      I like Tormund and Brienne but I tend to think he’s toast and I’m leaning toward it for her as well… Not sure on that one though.

      It will be interesting to see everyone else’s reactions to Jaime but especially Dany. She may have accepted her father was awful but heck even Ned took issue with how Jaime did it and he was still her father. Not to mention what he did to the Starks and confirmation Cersei screwed them over. I think I’m more excited about that than the big battles 🙂

      1. I think it means that Cersei has officially given up with her brothers. I have to admit Cersei and Euron had a little something something going on that I had to lowkey root for this pairing. I think the Mountain is her personal bodyguard now, so I think he’ll be staying in KL for the rest of the series now.

        I think Tormund will be toast, I didn’t think Brienne would be… but they gave her so much happiness in the last episode, and now I’m suspicious lol. It’s GoT, audiences and characters happiness comes with a price.

        I’m not surprised she was angry. It’s still her father after all. Same with Sam, it’s still his father. Glad Cogman played it out like he would do it again. And why wouldn’t he? The Starks took Tyrion, he loves Cersei to the point of obsession, why wouldn’t he? The only one he didn’t need to apologise for was Aerys. The politics is all way more exciting than battles because battles kills the characters and I’m not feeling that lol. Can do without.

      2. Yeah that was a lovely scene and it was like yep Brienne death watch is definitely on 🙁

        I’m just thinking Cersei shouldn’t find him trustworthy of course they did pay him up front this time so… Enjoy the episode!

      3. And she didn’t dieeeeeeeee, but her heart did for a moment with episode 4. I’m not surprised, but I wonder if Jaime will go back to Cersei in the books? Let’s see. Hope you’ve enjoyed (🙃) the last episode!

      4. His split from her has been so much clearer in the books that I have to think he’d only go back to off her. I’m hoping its the same case in the show. At least that’s what I’m telling myself for now!

      5. I kinda hope they follow the shows route because Jaime’s story reminds me of both Sawyer and Charlie from Lost. I quite liked it!

      6. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Lost but I remember crying over both of them 🙂

        Hope you enjoyed the end! Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet so I don’t want to say anything else!

  5. Ok I wasn’t commenting unless I had something to add. I don’t really get into theories/or GOT forums, BUT I love your predictions. Specifically the Bran thoughts. However I am writing now because I (am not kidding I swear) had a bizarre dream which got me thinking when I woke up. Have you thought or heard any whispers about Melisandre being connected to the Night King? I think part of it came from because I saw an interview where the guy playing the NK says that he is back primarily for one person. Most people take that as Bran, John, Dany, or Jamie to name a few. But I got to thinking what if it’s Melisandre. So many things come to mind. Age. Is it possible she is the FC that plunged the dagger into him and at that point something happened to change her. Or possibly it’s his wife. I know she doesn’t have blue eyes (or does she?) or maybe she is a Targ as well. She has said she was to die in the North. She brought John back because there is a connection there. Her visions seem to fail her more when she’s in the North. She is more Fire which definitely plus against the Ice. So what if it is a love story? I know that’s hokie and all but I don’t know much else that would drive a man to kill them love. There are other connections that I’ve thought of but I was curious. And like I said, I don’t follow theories boards or anything like that and you’re the only theory I really have read so far so that’s why I am asking you. Or perhaps there’s something in the books that might confirm or knock the theory out.

    1. Oh, that’s interesting. You have fun dreams!

      I’ve heard theories about her being connected to Bloodraven for sure (Shiera Seastar) and I believe connected to the Targs somehow as well which in terms of the magic brewing definitely puts the Starks and Targs as necessary for this battle. There’s also the story the first Night’s King was looking for his wife so it’s an interesting idea for sure. (I really need to reread those later books and pay more attention to detail!)

      It will be interesting to see what the show does with her. I don’t think they’ve really employed those magic elements or wanted to so anything is possible with Melisandre!

      1. I really think they show us just enough of what we need to see in order to “buy it” later. So we can’t go, “wait. When did they do that?”

  6. A bit late to the party, but I loved reading the theories above.

    Personally, I think we will have Jon on the throne….or the showrunners will go completely crazy and put the Night King on it. The scenario of having Jon and Dany living happily ever after on the throne is too good to be true. I don’t think we will have that. Also, I think Bran will have a big role in the whole story, but I’m not sure what.

    Romance wise, I like the Arya- Gendry relationship they teased in episode 1, but I don’t think we will get it. I also really hope they keep Jaime alive, but again, I don;t think we will get it. I hope Brienne gets a happy ending with either Jaime or Tordmund

    1. I could be way off on this but I’m starting to think Brienne is doomed and she’s going to go first… Like I said I hope I’m wrong but I’d be surprised if Jaime makes it out alive.
      I just hope he keeps the scruff for the season 🙂

  7. I totally get what you mean about them killing off the tyrion is a Targaryen theory- it was a good call. Bronn has definitely outlived his usefulness. I really do think Bran will warg a dragon in the books. Whatever happens in the books regarding dany, I’ll probably like it more than the show.

    1. Unfortunately I think after episode 4 Bran looks pretty useless unless we get a surprise suckers he really was the villain at the last minute. If he’s humanities memory of whatever I’d really love it if he reminded these people to use scouts or something!

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