Halfway through 2019: A Little Look Backward & Forward

tenant and sheen in good omens

We made it to the half way point! Cheers to us!

Thinking back over all the entertainment books, television and films over the last couple of months all I can do is hope that there are some nice surprises to come. I mean don’t get me wrong there’s been some good stuff even some gems but nothing that really surprised me.

But there are definitely some great options ahead. Especially in books!


Iron Man and Hawk Eye

Endgame and Toy Story 4 delivered for me but I figured they mostly would. I mean those are two brands that know how to at this point. Both made me cry so there’s that.

Fighting with my Family was a nice little movie. While it’s not a new release for 2019 I watched and very much enjoyed zombie Christmas musical Anna and the Apocalypse

ella hunt as anna

Which is going forward forever in my Christmas movie list!

There’s still IT Chapter 2, Little Women and Stars Wars to come and if JJ does nothing else right at least he was the one with the good sense to keep Oscar Isaac alive.

There’s also Cats the Movie in December and that’s going to be… interesting.


the burning reactor in Chernobyl

Okay, Chernobyl (the HBO show) was a nice surprise. I didn’t expect it to be nearly as engrossing as I found it.

I enjoyed Game of Thrones finally being called out specifically for its terrible writing but I understand most people did not. Sorry 🙂

The Big Bang Theory on the other hand had a lovely finale that not a lot of people talked about…

Amy and Sheldon in the BBT

I haven’t watched, or finished watching, a lot of what I started and now I’ve fallen down the hot pirate hole that is Black Sails so I doubt I will. Stranger Things season 3 is days away and while I’m keeping my expectations in check I do think that will deliver.

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for The Crown season 3 to hit Netflix this Fall when I will likely rave about how great Olivia and HBC are and whine about how much I miss Matt Smith. But fingers crossed.


I’ve read 79 books this year so far

The 2019 reads that standout to me are a bunch of sequels- book two’s in three part series which is strange as 2 never seems as good as the beginning or the end.

Honor Bound

Honor Bound

If she doesn’t hook up with the ship in book three I’d be shocked…

soul of the sword

Soul of the Sword

the wicked king

The Wicked King

On the Come Up

And while not a sequel I think On the Come Up definitely proved The Hate U Give was not a one off for Angie Thomas.

Speaking of The Wicked King we did get the news that the conclusion to the trilogy Queen of Nothing has been moved up to November 19th instead of January so that’s always a good thing! There’s also The Starless Sea (Nov.5th), Starsight (Nov. 26th), Wayward Son (Sep. 24th) and Ninth House (Oct. 1st) to look forward too.


Starsight is the sequel to Skyward which I very much loved last year so hopefully that will continue this years excellent sequel trend!

So there’s a lot to look forward to and a new Taylor album at the end of August! Still not sure I like either of the first two singles all that much but apparently there’s going to be plenty of material!

No matter what there’s certainly lots of entertainment options upcoming. Best wishes to everyone in all areas for the months ahead!




20 thoughts on “Halfway through 2019: A Little Look Backward & Forward

  1. SEVENTY NINE? Good God. I read maybe one not work related book a year, I think I am becoming illiterate 😂
    I cannot wait to see what happens at GoT panel at Comic Con. The show has ended on SUCH a sour note even reviews for season 3 of Stranger Things shit on D&d 😂

    1. Okay I know I’m way obsessive but didn’t they once actually swear at comic-con that they’d answer why no Lady Stoneheart at the end of the show? Ask them again when it’s over or something. I need someone to remember that! Why no Stoneheart and what the hell value did bringing Beric back instead have and I swear if there’s even a hint of them considering trashing the actress… Ugh on the other hand I never want to listen to the two of them again 🙂

  2. A zombie Christmas musical … now you got me intrigued. the only “wierder” christmas movie I had watched was Horror christmas movie, Krampus. I had no idea it was gonna be horror when dad put it, so I was kinda shocked xD
    Otherwise, i’m not too big on TV/Movies ahaha :p so I haven’t watched anything you mentionned.

    Oh my god, almost had a heart attack thinking you were gonna say 79 books THIS MONTH 😂 phew, but that’s a lot- congrats ! How much was your goodread’s goals at?

    1. Ha! I usually set my goodreads reading goal to 54 that way I know I’m going to knock one goal of my list for the year 🙂

      I do want to watch Krampus one of these days!

  3. I must admit I cried at the end of Big Bang Theory… 😀 I know, i cry at the weirdest things.
    Chernobyl was pretty awesome!

  4. I didn’t even realise that the finale for bbt was barely talked about, what a shame as it really was lovely. Can’t wait to watch Little Women, it looks fairly darker than the film though I wonder if that’s just because of the lighting. I hope they show more of Amy in this adaptation because I love Amy and she gets such a bad rap though I do realise people don’t tend to like the characters I do like.

    1. Amy is a fascinating character though! She does get a bad rap but she’s realistic… I mean I could always understand her decisions- though I’ve only seen the 94 film- Florence Pugh plays her so I hope she gets a lot to do. She’s very good at that type of character as well.

      1. I think Meg and Amy are far more realistic than readers would care to admit, especially for Amy, but looks like we’re moving away from “ew, she’s girly” to “yay, she’s girly!” So I can’t wait to see how viewers respond to Amy in the new adaptation!

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