My Top 3 Jaws Scenes

don't go in the water in Jaws

I rewatched Jaws recently. I had been wanting to for a while but seeing as how its Shark Week I thought hey fortuitous timing!

Honestly the film still holds up. It has been awhile since I’ve seen it. Though Googling tells me I have a shockingly good hold on the shark and “other things that will kill you in the water” film genre.

But below my 3 favorite scenes in the film. This is spoiler territory…

I had completely forgot about the stunt these kids pull. Seriously I at least would have leveled the threat to use them as bait for the real thing- especially considering what happens next.

Little monsters.

I mean the get out of the water scene is famous of course but what I think makes it especially heartbreaking is that bit at the end where everything is kind of calm and the woman realizes her son is nowhere and then we just see his raft torn and bloody.

Rewatching that’s one of the things that jumped out at me. This movie knew how to use quiet and calm and not just in a oh, a jump scare is coming kind of way.

Which leads me to my favorite scene admittedly the most famous scene in the movie…

I loved his reaction here almost disbelief even though he knew why he was out there. I mean all reactions are valid when a murderous great white jumps out of the water I for one would probably vomit and pass out. But I’d do it quietly. So I related.

Unless it was a spider of any size. I’ve been known to scream bloody murder terrifying people at the sight of a spider. I’d likely chance it with the shark first. Nothing will compel me to rewatch Arachnophobia.

And was I the only one that felt a little bad for Jaws at the end?

Happy Weekend!