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new mutants trailer

So in all honesty I didn’t think they’d ever release The New Mutants in theaters. The last I heard several months ago was rumors about reshoots and I pretty much gave up hope.

But yes, a new trailer! It’s coming in April which considering we’re getting Emma soon that’s a double dose of Anya Taylor-Joy who I’m a big fan of so Monday morning win!

The movie actually looks like it could be a fun Sunday afternoon flick. I’m not asking for or expecting much more and Anya’s character looks cool so needless to say I’m in.

Oh preview for the new Emma…

Which considering Ryan Reynolds confirmed Deadpool 3 was in development at Marvel maybe I’m wrong and we’ll actually see that one day to!

I still long for the Deadpool- Spiderman crossovers but that’s probably never going to happen unless they animate it or something.

Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The Golden Globes happened last night. Brad Pitt winning was nice since I’ve been a fan since I was 12 and Hollywood gave birth to him 🙂 I do plan to finally watch the movie. Also go Awkwafina and Taron Egerton! I didn’t love Rocketman but he and Richard Madden where great and he deserves some love.

I was going to complain about everything being rather boring otherwise including the people who did win. But I don’t suppose you can do much to make multiple award shows interesting and opinions on who deserves it is always subjective so…

There’s always the gossip: Summer and Barry making it official. I wasn’t big on her dress here but that still probably explains his uptick in fashion. Actually the dresses weren’t that great either. I liked Rachel Weisz not just the dress but the whole look actually.

I also loved Ana de Armas, Gillian Anderson, Margot Robbie and the top part of Rose Leslie’s dress but otherwise it was pretty middling to what the hell on the fashion front.

Oh yeah, gossip and fashion and a break from reality! That’s the reason why I still watch! Hope everyone had a great Monday 🙂




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  1. I had completely forgotten about the new mutants movie haha. The trailer actually looks good. The Golden Globes were a complete bore. I’m just happy Joaquin Pheonix won lol

  2. Rachel Weisz’ was the only look I liked, other than Lisa and Jason 🙂 I cannot believe New Mutants is actually getting released lol

  3. I think Rachel Weisz would make anything look good, she’s just so beautiful, I’d say she’s definitely one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she has the prettiest lips. 🥺

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