A Fantastic Action Filled Finale

Honor Lost and Night of the Dragon

Night of the Dragon

By: Julie Kagawa

I’ve found in a lot of cases series endings simply fall short. They don’t live up to your high expectations. I am happy to say this is not those series.

Night of the Dragon, as they say, sticks the landing.

And now to attempt a spoiler free blog post about a third book series finale…

Yumeko our adorable kitsune part human, part fox has been entrusted with a mission of protecting this super important scroll in which if the parts are put together will call a wish granting dragon.

Which doesn’t seem like a bad thing because dragons are awesome only the people that want to scroll… not so awesome. They’d like to fill the world with demons and it’s up to Yumeko and her friends to stop it.

Her friends include an on it Shrine Maiden and companion, a wise-cracking Ronin, a noble well Noble and of course her assassin love interest with the demon souled sword. Both of whom are having severe personality issues. And sometimes a ghost girl.

One thing I will say up front about Night of the Dragon a lot of series that are leading up to these big events they short-change them in the end. Again, not this series.

This book is perhaps a full half hardcore action.

And zombies.

And heartbreak.

And family.

And pain.

And hope.

And when will you be snapping up the rights to this one Netflix?

The other thing I want to add there’s a relationship that starts up in the second book kind of on the down low and I was wondering well, is this just lip service Kawaga but no… that relationship is just so beautiful in this book!

Plus the ending!

Well the ending just speaks to me.

Recommend: Yes.

Needless to say I love the series and was very happy with this finale.

*Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of an ARC to participate in this blog tour. It had no bearing on my opinion.


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