Looking Forward: Pirates, Books & Hot Frosty

Margot does Marilyn

So Margot Robbie is getting involved with the Pirates franchise which seemed like a good start to a July 4th edition of Looking Forward… (hm I made it editions now which usually calls for consistency so we’ll see how that goes!)

Anyway it’s still very early days and I’m a little torn because while I think the Pirates franchise is played out new blood can help and also I love the idea of Pirate Margot especially if Karen Gillan is involved somehow as the original rumors seemed to indicate. Although I’ve also heard Gillan’s involvement was a different script.

I’ve seen a lot of people say no pirates without Johnny but I don’t know as much as I loved Jack Sparrow in the beginning watching him in the last couple has been hard. The last one especially seemed like he was struggling. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out but one thing I deeply believe…

Gillan needs to play Anne Bonny at some point.

Okay two…

toby stephens as captain flint

If they can do Deadwood and Breaking Bad films and apparently a Sopranos prequel they can damned well do a Black Sails movie already.

But in things that are actually happening and not just in my dreams:

Charlie Kaufman’s adaptation of I’m Thinking of Ending Things is going to be on Netflix in September, so I have until then to finally read the book which I’ve heard mainly good things about! But even people who have mixed feelings about the book seem to think Kaufman’s a good fit and hell it’s something to watch right?

The highly summer seeming film Palm Springs is going to be on Hulu next week and there are a ton of good books coming out this month that I hadn’t even heard about at the beginning of the year when I thought it would be a dry summer for books… Of course at the beginning of the year I thought hey at least we’ll have great movies 🙁

Anyway I’m particularly looking forward to new books from Jeff VanderMeer, Emma Donoghue, as well as Cinderella is Dead and The Mall.

And in a not at all summer related bit of news Jason Momoa is apparently going to be voicing Frosty the Snowman which much like Tom Hardy reading kids books is going to mess with my head. Less said the better 🙂

Needless to say if it happens I’m all over it 🙂

I hope everyone has a great safe weekend!

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  1. I like the idea of more movies in POTC universe but the way Disney run Star Wars into the ground I don’t have much faith in them….

  2. I agree! The last two movies were…well, not THAT well. Johnny Depp wasn’t ALL IN as he was in the other movies – must have been the drama with the umm…his “Southern Belle” 🤣🤣

    Wait what’s ‘I am thinking of ending things’? If a book that how could I not know about it? That sounds intense! 😱

    1. It’s a book. I read another one by the same author that was really interesting so I’m definitely going to give it a go before the film! It is pretty short so even with my current attention span I think I can manage 🙂

  3. I read a tweet somewhere that there was a lack of plot/character development in the pirates series, and it was just “straight vibes.” Which, tbh, why the hell not? Why not simply have films that are more just fun and don’t make you think too much?

    I’m looking forward to reading Cinderella is Dead! I’ve heard mixed reviews, but the premise seems a lot of fun.

    1. I still want to read Cinderella but the reviews are getting to me. Especially a couple have mentioned insta-love and I’m just like okay well maybe I’ll read this one next instead 🙂

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