Already In For A Sequel

the old guard

The Old Guard (Netflix)

Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Every time Merrick came on screen I was so distracted wondering why he looked so familiar and not being able to pull his name. Finally I just gave up and Googled it and turns out he was good old Dudley Dursley!

Now we know what he’s been up to!

Dudley Dursley grows up

Anyway The Old Guard is actually about a team of immortal good guys who take missions trying to help people throughout the world. They’ve kept a no profile life up until the point of an obvious set-up in which they are exposed to the scientific world who wants their DNA for testing.

Admittedly it is super nice DNA.

Charlize Theron in the Old Guard

The Old Guard started off a little bumpy to me with Charlize Theron’s Andy just being really sad and haunted which I admit makes sense when you get her back story, ew, creepy ending for the friend there.

But it definitely picks up when she meets and recruits Kiki Layne’s Nyle the first new immortal in a century plus.

And the movie really belongs to the two of them. I know Charlize is great at this stuff but I was happy when the character’s humanity came out more and Lane can more than hold her own with action and acting.

Kiki Layne in the Old Guard

I thought the movie itself was a bit been there done that when you get right down to it save for the acting and this one awesome seen in a van which involves love and murder 🙂

Also there’s this weird bit at the end with some violence in the streets and then the characters stand around a bit and even though they are in like Downtown London somehow there’s not a soul until all the sudden just massive crowds of people appear from nowhere.

It was a bit odd.

And then there’s the ending…

Which totally sets up for a sequel. Now I admit the whole thing is a little pat in and of itself because when you hear certain things about Andy’s traumatic back story and what haunts her you, well I, immediately think I know where this is going… and it does but I’m still down for it.

And I think with a bumpy but entertaining origin story out of the way it could be awesome.

Recommend: Yes.

3 thoughts on “Already In For A Sequel

  1. You didn’t recognise good ole Dudley Dursley! To be fair, it seems like he’s lost weight!

    I don’t know what it is about Charlize Theron. She looks naturally serious, but without the ethereal vibe that Cate Blanchett has that makes her eyes look a little constrained… so I’m sure she pulled off that haunted look particularly well.

    Downtown London is basically anywhere that isn’t west London.

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