Bummer News & Dragons

I admit it’s a bit hard to do a happy looking forward when the news seems either in flux or just plain bad. And that’s not even taking into account the disastrous real world news these days.

In the first bit of (unsurprising news) I will not be spending this Christmas with Oscar and Jason.

Dune moved to October of 2021 which in and of itself surprised no one. But the move pushed The Batman back to 2022 which is a little surprising. Also it sucks because I think from the trailer we got for The Batman recently it looks like a perfect Fall/Halloween time film.

I’d rather have stuck Dune in mid to late July where hopefully word of mouth will build to a really good run in August.

Oscar Isaac in Dune

But Warner Brothers doesn’t listen to little old me.

Far worse news is a major movie chain is closing down for the rest of the year because they are losing money. The closures are for Regal in the States and Cineworld in UK and Ireland. Right now Soul looks to be the next big movie along with Free Guy. It’s an actual vicious circle cinemas need new films, studios need those films to turn a profit so they don’t want to release them which leads to no new films… and no one can blink.

Meanwhile apparently Tenet is coming to Blu-Ray on December 15th which if WB follows the usual trajectory means it will likely be available to stream around the Thanksgiving weekend. Which I think is a smart idea. Honestly I think dropping a couple of films on streaming that weekend might garner some good takes.

Of course Warner Brothers has denied a holiday release in the past. But come on by December I think we can safely say it’s time to let it go.

Netflix cancelled Teenage Bounty Hunters which just goes to prove to me that I should never get attached to a first season show. It’s a total bummer!

In a little bit of strange news House of the Dragon made its first cast Paddy Considine for King Viserys. I had heard casting rumors a couple of weeks ago and this seems to confirm that they are going right to the Dance of Dragons which on the one hand is exactly what I wanted to see and I understand. It’s the circus. But doesn’t that mean their skipping Aegon’s Conquest, Queen Alysanne? Will Dorne never be done any justice on the screen?

Anyway I think the big casting questions if that’s the case is more whose going to be Rhaenyra…

Hopefully they’ll be better news days ahead soon!

3 thoughts on “Bummer News & Dragons

  1. I often wonder if things will ever get back to normal😔 I heard that news about the big movie chain that’s closing down, and I was just thinking…”man how weird things have become…it’s so surreal😢”

  2. I am surprised any cinema chains have been able to stay open with how few releases there have been. Clearly this is a lost year for blockbusters along with so many other things. As films get pushed back again and again, I do wonder when these films will finally be released, especially because I have been looking forward to movies like Dune and Batman for a while now. Here’s hoping these new dates finally stick.

    1. If I wait a year and they move Dune again I’m just going to go to Warner Brothers and tie myself to the gates until they show me the film 🙂

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