They Cloned Tyrone

Ah that mix of lacking motivation for writing (or really thinking) but wanting to talk about a really good film... Basically I'm saying They Cloned Tyrone is really good and you should watch it! Even if I manage not to ramble about this one. Also despite feeling like the title kind of gives things away... Continue Reading →

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

As someone who is not the biggest fan of Del Toro and does not like the Pinocchio story (probably the genesis for all killer doll stories) color me surprised by how much I enjoyed and appreciated this one! And boy does it blow the recent Disney adaptation out of the water. So this film is... Continue Reading →

Oxygen is Worth A Watch

I would not have expected 90 minutes about a woman stuck in a cryogenic pod and fast running out of air to be the first new movie to hold my attention throughout for a while. But here we are. FYI if you are very claustrophobic I'd tread lightly. I am myself but it never bothers... Continue Reading →

The Mitchells Vs The Machines

I have to start paying more attention to Sony Animation because they have been on top of things recently. Because while I'm no animation expert I really enjoyed the styles throughout The Mitchell's vs the Machines. It was as fun to watch for that as anything else. The movie itself is about a troubled father/daughter... Continue Reading →

Mank: Glow Filters and Bad Guys

Directed By: David Fincher What I really took from Mank is we all need whatever glow filter they were using on Amanda Seyfried. It's easy to steal the show whenever everyone is dull, drab, gray and your over there lit up like a glow stick. Mank is the new David Fincher movie about the writing... Continue Reading →

Balancing out the Ferrell

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Directed By: David Dobkin I actually really enjoyed Eurovision but I must admit there was a moment mid-movie where Dan Stevens character is comforting Rachel McAdams Sigrit after a particularly humiliating moment and I thought... he should have been Lars and Ferrell should have played Lemtov. And... Continue Reading →

Zombie Travel Survival Tips

Train to Busan Directed By: Sang-ho Yeon Grade: A I love finding a movie where my first thought is, "Eh, I'll just try it because it's not really my thing," and then absolutely loving it. Which pretty much happened with Train to Busan. I flipped it on like I'll just watch a couple of minutes... Continue Reading →

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